Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Things I’m Looking Forward to in MAY ~ Top Ten {Tuesday}

Top Ten {Tuesday}

There is so much coming up for me and my family in the month of May, so I thought I’d make a post about the fun things I am looking forward to (I hope I can limit it to 10) - - -

1. The GHEA convention in Atlanta, GA

This particular convention was not originally on my list of “to do conventions” this year; but when my boss asked if Ashley and I could fly down for the weekend and promote the planners, I went for it!  I love going to homeschool conventions and meeting the people that I “know” from online!  So, if you’re coming to GHEA, be sure to stop by the TOS booth and say “Hi” (oh, and leave me a comment and let me know you’ll be there, so I can add you to my checklist!)

2. Our homeschool evaluations

I don’t really dread these – we have an amazing evaluator that we just love!  We do need to get our portfolios together before the 10th though, so I better get booking!  Our portfolios will be smaller this year, as rather than printing out “scrapbook” pages for our field trips, we’re going to make a video and include the cd in our portfolio. I hope it turns out the way I want it to.

3. The CHAP convention in Harrisburg, PA

I get excited for this convention because it’s “mine” – in other words, it’s in MY state.  If I wasn’t going to represent TOS, I’d be going to shop!  In fact, I’ll do most of my shopping for our next school year while I’m there.  Will YOU be there?

4. Seeing Tim Hawkins LIVE (again!)

Yes, we saw him in Cincinnati last year, but it’s Tim Hawkins, people – we can’t get enough of him!  LOL    When we found out we wouldn’t be doing the Midwest convention this year, we went to his website and found that he’ll be about an hour from us in May – so we’re going!

5. Homeschool Night @ the Harrisburg Senators Game

While I’m NOT a sports fan in the least, Gracie is really looking forward to this; so, therefore, I am too.

6. Seeing my nephew David

He’s been away – at basic training and at a base in Mississippi – for months now and we really miss him!  So, we’re hoping for some time to spend with him before heading to . . .

7. Our Florida trip

Yes, I’m looking forward to the trip itself and not just the destination.  For one thing, we have a “new” (to us) van to drive – it’s spacious and comfy, not to mention pretty!  And, I bought some Mary Higgins Clark books for my Kindle (thanks to my friend Jodi) and I plan to read them aloud to Brian on the way.  He’s not a reader, but he enjoys when I read to him. :)


This will be the last convention I’ll be helping with this year.  Will YOU be there? 

9. Spending time with some really special people

We are looking forward to several opportunities (aka conventions) to spend time with my boss’s family.  What a great group of people that I am  blessed to work with and for – we just love them!

Also, I have a special friend in Florida (Becky) and my whole family enjoys spending time with her sweet family.  We are looking  forward to some quality time together.


Yes, no trip to Florida is complete without a visit with the Mouse, right?  So, we’ll plan to spend a couple of days in the Disney parks, and some time at Downtown Disney too.  Oh, and we’re excited to spend a few days at a Disney resort (for the first time EVER) – watch out Port Orleans Riverside – here come the Strawsers!


We’ve got a busy month coming up!  Wow – out of 31 days on the calendar, only 3 of them currently have NOTHING on them.  And that could change!  LOL

And, this isn’t in May, but it’s worth mentioning anyway because I’m looking forward to it - - -

Field-tripping with Jodi and her kids this Friday!  It’s been too long since we’ve seen them!

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Kristenph said...

Wow! You do have a lot going on. It all sounds wonderful though :)

Theresa said...

Sounds like a busy, but fun month! I have to finish up our homeschooling and thankfully I do the evaluations myself :)
Visiting today from T.T.T.

Rachel said...

What a busy -- and yet rewarding -- month you have! Blessings on your evaluations.

Jennifer said...

What a fun month you have ahead of you! I have always wanted to see Tim Hawkins, he's so funny. Thanks for stopping by Just Wedeminute and sharing how adoption has touched your family. BTW, your children are beautiful.

Cathy said...

Wow girl, you are really going to be busy. I hope you have a terrific month and I can't wait to hear all about the Disney trip!!

Jenilee said...

we saw Tim Hawkins at the convention in Cincy, Ohio and it was so fun! sounds like you have lots of fun homeschool stuff coming up!

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

Wow, May is going to be packed with good times for you!!
Hope we can catch up with you at some point amongst all your travels!!!

Karen F said...

New follower from Terrific Tuesday Blog Hop or Bounce!

Mommy's Moments

Becky said...

Cannot wait to hear all about each adventure and share our adventure - just a few weeks away! I am so looking forward to 'quality' time!

Jessica said...

I found you on oh amanda. Nice to meet you. I feel a kindred spirit, as I am also getting ready for a season of homeschool conventions. My first one is next weekend in Arlington.

MageeBaby said...

That is one full calendar! wow! Hope you get to relax on those 3 unplanned days!!!

Thanks for stopping by and following. I'm following back. :)

Patricia said...

Love your blog it sounds like so much fun. I am following you via Bounce blog hop. Please follow me.


Patricia said...

Thanks for following me back and the compliment on the dress project. If you would like I could send you some pattern options in her size. If so just contact me with her size and an idea of what you are interested in.


Jodi said...

Sounds like a really fun month! We're looking forward to seeing you guys too! We have to figure out what time we want to meet:)

Rebecca said...

BUSY BUSY! And, you're working on portfolios today?! WOW! Can't wait to see you next week!!!!

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