Monday, May 16, 2011

1-2-3 Textured Products

I received a craft kit from 1-2-3 Textured Products to review. I do still have a “preschooler” (though he just turned 5 and will be starting more “official” school soon). 1-2-3- Textured Products specializes in hands-on educational kits for little ones.  I know that, as a homeschool mom who is teaching 2 older children, I’ve been interested in things like this to keep my youngest busy. 

trans_tractor The craft kits offered by 1-2-3 Textured Products come in a variety of themes – including zoo animals, reptiles, forest animals, holidays, winter, party time, summer fun, fall fun, pond creatures, Christmas, farm animals, insects, and transportation.  Seeing as how I have a boy who HATES bugs, I requested a sample from the transportation category.  We received the Tuggy the Tractor kit ===>

Everything that you need for your child to create a textured craft is included in the kit, except for the glue.  You could easily combine a few kits to create a larger picture as well. 

Spring 2011 290 Ian was anxious to dive in and get started on his craft.  I gave him a glue stick, but we found that the extra elements don’t stick too well with a glue stick.  So, I ended up applying a stronger craft glue to the product, and he put on the goodies!  He chose what he wanted to put where and was pretty pleased with the results. 

While I probably wouldn’t purchase more of these kits for Ian (I’d say he’s just a bit too old for them, though he did enjoy doing the one that we tried), I would recommend them for younger children. 

I was not able to find the price of the individual kits like the one that we received.  They come packaged in such a way that leads me to believe they may be available at craft stores, though.  On the company website, you can purchase Activity Packs (which contain themed sets of 3 textured kits) for $4.99.  You can also order monthly “subscriptions” of these kits, which seems like a great idea for church groups and daycares. 

If you’d like to try a textured kit with your child, free samples are available (with a $1.50 shipping charge).  You can learn more about 1-2-3 Textured Products by visiting the website or following them on Twitter

NOTE: This is a MamaBuzz review. The product was provided by 1-2-3 Textured Products for this review.

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