Sunday, May 15, 2011

Random thoughts from my weekend

I’ve been sitting here thinking about some of the stereotypes that are often placed on homeschoolers – one of which is the whole socialization issue.  I spent this past weekend representing The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine at the CHAP convention in PA.  And truthfully, what I saw there were some of the most socially adept kids that I’ve ever come in contact with.  Many of these kids – the children of vendors – see each other, at most, a few times per year.  Yet, within mere seconds, these kids pick up right where they left off last year and are fast friends.  And, there are no age barriers!  17 year olds are fine hanging with 14 year olds; and 12 and 8 year olds can travel in the same circles and think nothing of it.  Oh, and guess what?  These kids can carry on a mature and sensible conversation with adults too!  Seriously! 

I realize there ARE those children out there who are lacking in the social skills department (hey, I might even have one of them at my house – just sayin’ . . .)  But, for the most part, I’m really impressed with these kids.  They treat each other with respect, yet they have TONS of fun together.  I just find it very refreshing every time  I witness it and felt compelled to share! 


Breezy Point Mom said...

Hey Heidi, I know you have read my blog in the past and I want you to still have access to it. So please visit my blog now, and read the second post from the top. I mainly need a Gmail email address from you. Thank you!

Jodi said...

Aw, that is great! Sometimes I worry about my kids socially because we have moved so much. But, once they are comfortable or around kids they know - like yours, they really are more social, and all my fears subside...:) Nice post!

Michelle said...

You know, it is exactly the same with homeschooled kids here in the Philippines. Really, the socialization aspect of homeschoolers is not as big a deal as some think it is.

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