Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ian’s Kindergarten year . . .

Florida 2011 658

Times . . . they are a’changin’ . . . and this precious little  boy that I still call my baby is growing up.  In April, he turned 5.  Now he’s got his first loose tooth.  And, he’s been begging me every day for weeks to start school.  Bless his heart! 

I kept putting off looking over his stuff and coming up with a workable schedule – after all, I’ve got a senior and a 7th grader, their stuff had to come first, right?  The other day, though, I finally had time to put some thoughts to paper regarding Ian’s school year.  And now we’re ready to dive in and get started.  His enthusiasm is contagious – I just hope it lasts all year!

With the exception of Bible, all of the other items we’re using this year are  things that I’ve received over the past few years while working with the Homeschool Crew.  What a blessing!

spnn010GROUP Bible ~ Kindergarten Learning About God from Positive Action for Christ

06906 MathMathematical Reasoning Level A from The Critical Thinking Co. and enVision Math from Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley (this second book is a 1st grade curriculum – so I’m not sure how we’ll schedule the  two – either simultaneously, or one first, then the other – we’ll see . . . )

AAR_Pre-1 Reading ~ All About Reading Level Pre-1 and Readers from Academic Success for All Learners (again, I’m not sure how we’ll actually schedule the two things, but since we have them both, I want to make use of  them)

tn_writeshop_primary_a Writing ~ Write Shop Primary A

Other ~ we’ll work on some life-skills type things as well.  And, if this year is anything like our past school years, we’ll add in more great products that the Crew receives to review!  We’ve got lots of educational games and computer games that I’m sure he’ll be making use of.  And, I may pull out All About Spelling a little later in the year.

Now, it seems that we’re all ready to start school.  How about you?


TheRockerMom said...

I love how excited he is!

Your choices look like fun. :)

Kathryn said...

It just doesn't seem possible to me that he is FIVE, and going to kindergarten. Time is FLYING!

Crystal said...

Looks like its going to be a fun school year for Ian!!!

~Heather said...

It looks like you have a great year planned!

Christina said...

I am off to take a look at Write Shop! Love your Disney pics!

Very Blessed Mamma said...

Looks good. We are using PAl, and we are loving it!

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