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The Walt Disney World Trivia Books by Lou Mongello

Several months ago, I shared a review of Lou’s Audio Guides to Walt Disney World with you.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on more of Lou’s stuff!  So, I was thrilled with the opportunity to check out The Walt Disney World Trivia Books.

wdwt1 Walt Disney World fans just can't get enough information about the world's most popular family destination! Now you can add another dimension to any family's visit to the resort with a book that is both informative and can be used as a game. Not a travel planner, not a guidebook, but a unique and entertaining collection of hundreds of multiple-choice trivia questions, filled with secrets and interesting, little-known facts about all aspects of Walt Disney World.


Explore hundreds of new WDW secrets and fun facts with this ALL-NEW, UNOFFICIAL collection of multiple-choice questions and little-known details about the world's most magical destination. Dip in for a fun fact to brighten your day. Or take it along on your next trip to Disney World to add extra magic to your visit.



I must say, these books are not what I expected at all.  They’re better!  I was anticipating receiving another book containing lots of Disney facts – trivia, if you will – and very similar to the audio guides. 

I opened the first book to Chapter 1 and was surprised to see a quiz.  I immediately started spouting off the multiple choice questions to my girls who had a blast trying to guess the answers.  I thought there would just be a few questions, then get into the “meat” of the chapter.  Little did I know that the entire book is a big multiple choice quiz!  And guess what?  Volume 2 is more of the same.

Each book is broken down into 6 chapters:

  1. All Around the “World”
  2. The Magic Kingdom
  3. Epcot
  4. Disney-MGM Studios (now Hollywood Studios)
  5. Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  6. Beyond the Parks

Within the park chapters are sub-sections for the various “lands”/areas in the parks, as well. Answers are provided at the end of each chapter – but they’re not just the answer (as far as a, b, c, or d) – there is a detailed answer for every single one! 

In addition to all the multiple choice questions, there’s another fun feature in these books --- there are randomly placed “Did You Know?” questions, with the coolest little tidbits of information. I find these fascinating!  They are things like:

More than 100 pairs of sunglasses are turned into WDW’s Lost & Found every day – enough each year to cover the eyes of every single resident of Sun City, California and Sun City, Florida!


The thatched roofs in the United Kingdom pavilion are made out of plastic broom bristles because real thatch would be a fire hazard.

OK, what can I say besides the fact that I’m in love?!  Well, as a homeschool mom, the whole quiz format really appeals to me.  And because my oldest daughter has chosen to do a senior project on Walt Disney, these books have even more appeal.  Sure, we’ve got tons of Disney books laying around our house, but none of them are quite like these!  I plan to actually use these quizzes as part of her school this year.  Spending the whole year working on a Disney project and taking quizzes (that we can actually grade) = an actual credit course.  Only homeschoolers can do that! 

I really don’t know how Lou finds all this information!  He’s a treasure trove of Disney trivia – but don’t let the term “trivia” fool you.  It’s not all useless knowledge – most of it is interesting and fascinating.  And all of it is tons of fun.  Yes, these books will definitely be taking up permanent residence in our home and will also find their way, from time to time, into the van – this is the kind of stuff that make road  trips extra special! 

I’ll leave you with a few questions from the back cover of Volume 1 (if you think you know the answer to any of them, leave a comment):

What is the most popular attraction in the WDW  theme parks?

About how many mad-made leaves are on The Tree of Life?

What is the fastest ride in WDW?

At the very top of Spaceship Earth, what will you find?

***If you’d like to learn more about Lou Mongello, check out While there, be sure to order your copies of these books for only $9.99 each (autographed!)  You can also read more detailed descriptions of Volume 1 and Volume 2, with more sample questions.  Lou is also co-publisher of my favorite Disney magazine – Celebrations (review here).

NOTE: I received these books for free, in exchange for my sharing about them on my blog. I was not compensated in any other way and I was not obligated to write a positive review.  All Disney-themed products recommended on my blog have received my family’s seal of approval!

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