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My Kids’ Favorite Disney Memories

mickey-mouse-10 This week’s Destination Disney topic is to share our kids’ favorite memories of Disney.  There are lots of link-ups, so be sure to pop through and read them all.  It’s so much fun to hear what makes the Disney parks special for each individual child.

Anyway, I was so busy actually DOING DISNEY, that I didn’t have time to poll my own children and get my post up – so . . . this is actually the 2nd week that we’re featuring this topic on Destination Disney.  And, finally, here’s what my kids had to say . . .

Ashley - - - “my must-do’s on each trip are the Tower of Terror and the Carrousel of Progress”
Yes!  I’ve raised her well!  The Carrousel of Progress has been a personal favorite of mine since my very first trip to WDW.  Sure, we might have the whole thing memorized – and we might even sing the song at home sometimes – but we still don’t miss this one!

And as for the Tower of Terror . . . when we went down for Ashley’s first trip, when she was 5, we couldn’t ride it – she was way too scared and Brian and I didn’t want to ride alone.  So we were sure we’d get to finally ride it next time, when she was 11.  No such luck – she still chickened out – and we’ve been holding it against her ever since.  Because, when we went back in ‘09, she rode for the first time and LOVED it.  Now, it’s a definite MUST DO on each trip.  The other week, Ashley and I took Ian and got in line for ToT while Brian and Gracie rode Rock & Roller Coaster.  Yes, Ian rode ToT.  He says he never wants to ride again.  LOL  We’ll see . . .

Florida '09 062Ash & me – in line for ToT in ‘09

Florida 2010 501  
Ash & me – in line for ToT in ‘10

Florida 2011 1163
Ian & me – in line for ToT in ‘11

Gracie - - - “I get excited for all of it!” 
Gracie’s always been my diplomatic child.  She doesn’t like to choose a favorite thing, for fear that it might hurt someone’s feelings or come across as though she doesn’t love all the other stuff! 

I do know that she loves the Rock & Roller Coaster!  Last year, all she wanted was to buy a R&RC t-shirt. 

Florida 2010 519
Here she is in the gift shop – buying her t-shirt
and trying on an Aerosmith wig (against her better judgement!)
This was in ‘10.

Florida 2011 834
Here’s another shot of her -
she wanted to take a picture of this to show to Mimi -
she wants a birthday krispie treat like this one. 
Think we can pull it off?

Ian - - - “the monorail and the Star Wars ride”
Ian always says he loves the monorail best.  Truthfully, we wouldn’t even have to spend the money for a park ticket, we could just hit the monorail, make a few trips around the loop, and Ian would be good to go.  LOL  It’s the simple things.

And, for some reason, despite the fact that we didn’t even ride it, he’s obsessed with the whole Star Wars ride.  Crazy boy!

Florida '09 142
On our trip in ‘09, we got to take several monorail trips
Here’s a pic of the girls with Eddie
(Ian always remembers his name!)

Florida 2011 567
Here’s a picture of Ian with Gracie
and our friend Anthony on the monorail -
on our most recent trip – last month

Have you posted about your kids’ favorite Disney memories yet?  If not, there’s still time!  You have ‘til next Friday, the 17th, to link up

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