Sunday, July 3, 2011


Remember playing the association game as a kid?  You know, where someone says a word and you say the first word that pops into your mind (that is somehow associated with that word) – and the game can just keep going. 

Do you have things in your life that you think of and associate with other things?  Like maybe a certain song that reminds you of something, or a certain smells that makes a special time pop back into your head.  I can remember exactly when Princess Diana died, because I associate it with my being in the hospital (having just had emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy).  I can remember the outfit I wore to my uncle’s funeral (I was 12 or 13).  Sometimes I’ll hear a song and be transported to my teen years and a random incident pops back into my mind. 

6053_1195561167580_1184971512_30567305_1201450_n Right now, I’m associating the 4th of July holiday with the one we spent my my best friend Sue and her family 2 years ago.  The week before, Sue had learned that she had ovarian cancer; so the mood was very “heavy” that evening.  There were a lot of tears.  I had taken her, earlier in the week, for a pedicure.  We took a picture of our toes (and now, looking back, I wish we had taken a picture of US instead). 

I remember taking a picture of  the evening sky and loading it up on the computer to see a round, white object in the center of the picture that was NOT visible to our human eyes (it wasn’t the moon, which we could see off in a different direction).  We all took it as a sign – the light at the end of the tunnel.  Sue found that light in a very different way than we expected last March. 

Man, I miss her!  But I’m glad for the memories and the things that “trigger” them in my mind.  What are some of the things that trigger your memories?  A smell?  A song?  A certain place?  I’d love to hear about them!


Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

Hugs as you remember your friend and wait for your reunion . . . Smells. It's big for me. Or Taste. The smell of honeysuckle brings back strings of summer time memories. Strawberries. They stand out. I almost flash to every strawberry pie every time I eat one. ;)

Bonnie Andrson said...

Enjoyed your post today. Yes, somethings do really trigger a memory. When we play cards with my parents I can still remember my mom's parents teaching my husband and me to play pinochle. They were so funny and we had many a double date with them before we got married.

Sheri said...

Pizza Hut = Heidi-that is my association :) A darn good one too.

4th of July = no baby (Doug was due on the 4th and well, Greg was too-he came early for his mommy-but Buddy? Nope. He made me sweat it out for another 4 days. So the holiday always makes me think of that-super preggors and no end in sight-LOL) even 10 yrs later....

Cool and the Gang songs, esp. Celebrate = roller skating in high school-ya know at that long forgotten place called a roller rink

I could go on and on. So sorry that your heart is heavy and saddened by your loss of Sue. Hugs to you.

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