Sunday, July 31, 2011

Everybody needs encouragement!

I  try to be pretty transparent on my blog. Sometimes you’ll find me talking about things that bother me, or things that I want or dream about. But, some things are hard to put into words even if you are trying to be real. Some  things are matters of the heart and are hard to translate into real words.

Yesterday, Ashley and I headed to Baltimore to spend our afternoon with some fellow bloggers and some ladies from Apologia Live Retreats. As I was sitting there, eating lunch and fellowshipping with these ladies around a big table, it struck me how much I needed that. I have to admit – sometimes I feel like an island.  While I’m a homeschool mom with LOTS of connections (through my position with The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine and the Homeschool Crew) – I really don’t have any close connections (geographically).

It was so good to just sit there and chat with ladies who share similar interests with me. I left there feeling very refreshed and encouraged.  (And with some great reading materials from Apologia Press – enough to keep me busy for quite awhile!)


When I go to homeschool conventions each spring, I meet so many homeschool moms.  They’re all on a mad dash to buy up all the curriculum and resources that they need for their kids for the coming school year.  I know that most of them are on a budget.  I am too.  But I always try to encourage them to spend a little bit of that budget on themselves.  Why? Because homeschool moms need encouragement! 

And, this weekend, I found the perfect way for me to get some encouragement, some refreshment, and some friendship (which I really, really need!) – I’m going to the Apologia Live Retreat in Baltimore in March

And guess what?  You can too!  I have one free ticket to give away on my blog (to the retreat of your choice).  I’ll be posting more about that – and the retreats in general – in the months to come. 


But, for now, I just wanted to encourage you – as a homeschool mom – to take some time for yourself (even if it means spending a little bit of money every once in awhile).  It’s important!  And sometimes a pedicure or a new haircut aren’t enough!

So, be sure to check back on my blog for upcoming details on Apologia Live.  I’m really excited to share them with you!


ETA: Here’s a picture of the group of us from Saturday’s luncheon.  I’ve included blog links so you can stop by and visit my friends (some I’ve known for awhile, others are new friends!)  Who knows?  Maybe we’ll be hanging out together at a future Apologia Live Retreat!  That would so ROCK!

IMG_0818 (2)

Front row (L-R):
Brandi (Living Sola Gratia), Liz Corson (Apologia), Rachael Carman (Apologia)

Second row (L-R):
Kym (This Blog Needs A Title…), Loretta (Books ‘n Other Stuff), ME (Heidi’s RRR),
Kelly (Believe), Peggy Smith (MACHE), Sharon Abbott (MACHE)
Cheryl  (SomewhatCrunchyMama), Michelle Eichhorn (Apologia)

Oh, and yes, I’m wearing pink.  I NEVER wear pink.  I so don’t know what came over me when I bought that shirt! 


Shannon said...

Heidi, Heidi, Heidi,

You are a wise woman. In fact, around Charlotte Mason circles, this is what is meant when they talk about Mother Culture.

Mom needs to refresh and revitalize to be able to take care of her family, whether it is through a book, fellowship, a massage, bingo, or a bubblebath.

There's truth to the cliche, "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." We just have to make sure to take it upon ourselves to carve out a little niche so we can rejuvenate.

Heidi... said...

So very true! I think moms are most hard on themselves. We make sure everyone else is taken care of before we take care ourselves. Thanks for the reminder!

Michelle Smith said...

I am guilty as charged. I don't spend much on myself. I do need to take time for myself sometimes, and spend money on something for myself sometimes. I need a little pampering once in a while. Thanks for the reminder. :)

~Jamie~ said...

Thank you for posting this....I saw the title and it grabbed me! I gree that Moms need to take a little time for themselves, especially homeschooling Moms. It's tough but very rewarding. I've been very stressed lately and I'm thinking, before school starts, I may need to take a Mommy day....or at least a few hours. So glad you came out of there feeling refreshed. That is a great thing! :) Made me smile.

Dawn said...

Thanks for posting this Heidi - I feel the exact same way, and have been thinking about that quite a bit lately...that I don't have any close friends near me, and I miss it. Blessings to you - so glad you enjoyed YOUR time.

Kelly said...

Yeah! I love the group picture. It was so neat to meet u and your daughter. :-D

Gina said...

Hey Heidi,
It's been awhile. I'm working on different sites/ blogs etc... other then homeschool blogger and have lost touch with many of my "old" cyber friends! One I'm playing with is blogger, do you like it? How do you get rid of the ads? Glad you got to get away. You need that refreshment now and then. My sites now at which has a blog but I'm working on a blogger one too that I may switch to.

SisterTipster said...

Thanks for the REMINDER! I need it today! HUGS!! c

Brandi said...

Loved hanging with you and Ashley, wish we lived closer to each other!
I also felt very refreshed after chatting with everyone.

Jennifer said...

This post brought tears to my eyes because you are right we do need that time to rest and refresh ourselves and for some odd reason I never do it. This year I vow to take some time for myself. Thank!

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