Friday, July 29, 2011

Mother Knows Best

I’ve met so many Disney-lovin’ friends since becoming a part of the Magical Blogorail earlier this year.  It’s always fun to meet people who share your interests and passions – I love meeting up with fellow homeschool families at conventions, or bumping into other families who have adopted children.  Disney lovers are much the same.  No matter what you are passionate about, I’m sure you know what I mean – finding someone who shares that passion creates a connection.

yhits-125 Through the Magical Blogorail, I got to know Randy from Your Highway in the Sky.  Randy’s a major Disney aficionado, who visits WDW on a regular basis (lucky guy!)  He asked me a while back if I’d be interested in doing some writing for his website.  He wanted someone who could write from the perspective of a mother.

It took me awhile to get up the courage to write my first post.  I don’t know why because I have no problem writing for my own blog.  But the pressure of writing for a group website kinda got to me, I guess.  Anyway, my first post finally went live today.  I hope you’ll take the time to go and check it out.  My column is called Mother Knows Best.  I even have a nifty little button:


While you’re visiting, be sure to check out all the other great posts – there are some amazing writers over there!  Also, they’re running a fabulous contest right now.  There’s still time to enter (August 1st is the deadline) and the prizes are awesome (I wish I could enter!) 

Please go read my post and leave me a comment over there! 

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