Tuesday, August 2, 2011

E is for . . .

5 12 people have linked up posts for the Letter E so far this week.  I’m just a little behind!  Anyway, I’ve been thinking about “e” things all week – so it’s time to get to my own personal post . .  .

Florida 2011 944
Expedition Everest

Florida 2011 971 
Baby Elephant – Kilamanjaro Safari Ride

Florida 2011 091
Elephant – Rainforest Cafe – Downtown Disney

Florida 2011 330 
Jungle Ears

Florida 2011 127
Eeyore Topiary

Florida 2011 885 
Minnie Ears

Florida 2011 821 
Elephant – Jungle Cruise

Florida 2011 209 
Ending of a long – but great – day!


Bird said...

Great photos! I especially love the last one. Ian's expressions is awesome. I have one of Bug with her arms out like that, too, right in that very same spot! Those kids, they crack me up!

TheAngelForever said...

Love all of the different elephants and ears! Thanks for sharing your list of E memories :)

Disney Gal Kelly said...

Awww love all the E pics, especially the Eeyore topiary, so cute. Thanks for sharing.

Sean said...

Yep you got it - all E's :) Love that elephant shower! Thanks for sharing!

grisel rey said...

Love your pics & especially the last one!

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