Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Magical Blogorail – Teens Share!

I’ve been a member of the Magical Blogorail team for several months now, and I LOVE IT!  Such a great, supportive group of Disney blogging friends – I’m so glad I found them!  Anyway, this month, we’re running a special loop – where our TEENS get to share their thoughts with you.  So now, I’m turning my blog over to my daughter Ashley (be sure to check back next month when some Magical Blogorail Kids – including my Gracie – share as well!) . . .

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Welcome to the first stop aboard our Special Edition Magical Blogorail Loop. Enjoy the ride as we share with you our favorite Disney attractions.

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As I learned that I was going to be able to join in on the Magical Blogorail for teens, and realized what the topic was, I came to figure out that there is no way that I can pick just one attraction out of all the attractions that are at all 4 parks at Walt Disney World. So I decided that I’m going to pick my all-time favorite attraction from each park and share it with you.

Florida 2011 681 Magic Kingdom – My favorite attraction at Magic Kingdom is Carousel of Progress. I really like this attraction because it goes through different parts of History starting at the turn of the century. I really enjoy the moving theater, and having the song stuck in my head the whole day when I ride it. “It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow….shining at the end of every day! It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow….and tomorrow is just a dream away!”

Epcot – At Epcot, I really enjoy going through World Showcase. I love going through all the different countries and taking pictures in each of them. I love seeing all the different cultures and food. But since World Showcase is so big and so much stuff, I won’t say that’s my favorite attraction. Soarin’ would definitely be my favorite. The idea of the ride is awesome – flying over all different places, the amazing smells that are incorporated and every time you ride it – wanting to lift your legs so that they don’t get hit by the trees.

Florida 2011 219 Hollywood Studios -  This park is my favorite in Walt Disney World. There are so many attractions here that I love – many shows and rides that I want to see and do every time we go. But since I have to pick just one – I’d say Tower of Terror is my favorite. I didn’t want to ride this the first 2 times I went to Disney. I was scared, to say the least. And I love thrill rides, so I’m not sure why I was scared to ride this particular one. Well, in 2009 I rode it for the first time. I rode it twice in a row. I can’t even begin to explain how much I love this one. It makes me laugh and scream all at the same time.

Animal Kingdom – Something that I have to see every time I’m at Animal Kingdom – that we missed last time, and I’m sad about – is the Lion King show. I love the amazing singers and actors that are a part of this show, and how amazing the monkeys are. If you’ve never seen the show – you must! The Jumping Monkeys are amazing ! We usually try to do The Lion King show every time we’re at Disney World, but in May we only spent a couple of hours at Animal Kingdom because our feet hurt and we were hot. Note to self: Don’t go to Disney World ever again when it’s that hot. Especially not when you’re used to going in January or February.

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Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is Unknown Magic Within Walt Disney World.

Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail should you happen to have to make a stop along the way and want to reboard:

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2nd Stop ~ Unknown Magic Within Walt Disney World
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Debs said...

Great post Ashley!! I totally agree with your choices! COP is a favorite of mine too. I saw it for the first time at the 1964-65 World Fair! It's wonderful that COP continues to be a favorite through the generations. Thanks for sharing!!

Deb @ Focused on the Magic

Jodi Whisenhunt / Magical Mouse Schoolhouse said...

Fab post, Ashley! My son had a hard time picking just one too, so if you read his article, you'll see he covered a lot! Epcot World Showcase is his fave Park. I think DHS runs a close second!

Delightfully Disney said...

Great Picks! I love all of those too!

Disney on Wheels said...

You picked some of my favorites! I love the Carousel of Progress. Thank you for getting the song stuck in my head! (really, I love that song:)

Manda said...

Awesome article Ashley! Great job! I haven't been to the American parks yet to I checked out the Carousel of Progress on YouTube ... it's safe to say that song won't be outa my head for a while! :P

DisneyBabies said...

Great picks! I can't imagine many teens picking CoP! What a favorite.

Beth Green said...

Great post! Many of your favorites are mine too!! Maybe we need to plan a trip together! ;)


Mickey said...

Great post, Ashley! You've got some great picks there, and I really love the Carousel of Progress! Thanks for writing!

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

Great choices, Ashley! Carousel of Progress is one of my favorites. The thing I remember the most from my first experience with this attraction (I was just 13) is that my mom sang the song constantly while we were in WDW and even months after we got home!

@MaryD73 said...

Great choices! Those are also some of my favorites. I love that you like the thrill rides and the shows.

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