Thursday, September 1, 2011

You’re Invited!

3165_large Last week, I was invited to a “Virtual” Thirty-One party, hosted by my friend (and Crew Mate) Tara.  Her daughter recently started selling Thirty-One – and I know (from experience) what it’s like to get a home-based business up and running.  So, I looked through the online catalog and found this ===>

It’s called an Organizing Shoulder Bag (product #3165).  Immediately, my brain started thinking “Disney” (as it does so often anyway). I thought of my friend Wendy’s post on Your Highway in the Sky and, for a second, I got a little jealous.  And then it hit me – I could be a “minimalist” at WDW too.  Ian’s outgrown the stroller, so we’re  going to need to cut down on all the stuff we carry.

So, I ordered this purse in the Black Parisian Jacquard fabric.  Then, I decided to have some fun – I ordered it personalized with my name – in teal! 

Ashley saw what I ordered and immediately said “I want one too!”  So, she ordered the same bag in Grey Quilted Poppy, with her name personalized in hot pink.  We’re excited to get our bags and step out in style!


Rather than keeping all the stylish bags to ourselves, we decided that we should host a Virtual Thirty-One Party of our own.  And YOU ARE INVITED!  All you have to do is click on THIS LINK – it will take you to our virtual party, where you can click to “shop” and view all the  great products. 

The party will run through September 9th.  There are some great specials in the month of September that you might want to take advantage of ---  for every $31 that you spend, you are entitled to get 50% off a card set, zipper pouch, and/or wallet. Also, if you book your own virtual party (to be held during the month of September), you’ll receive DOUBLE free products (if your guests purchase $500 or more).

Remember, Christmas is coming!  These bags, purses, etc. would make  great gifts!

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