Friday, October 21, 2011

97 . . .

Yesterday I shared that we are looking forward to using the Disney Dining Plan for the first time on our next trip.  With the DDP, we will be entitled to one snack, per person, per day.  We’ve got a list of snacks that we’d like to try (and where we can get them).  Snacks at Disney are pretty big, so they are easily shared. :)  Today’s post is something that Gracie is particularly looking forward to . . .

Florida 2011 834 #97Mickey Mouse Rice Crispy Treats

Gracie LOVES rice crispy treats anyway, but ones shaped like Mickey Mouse are even better, right?

And then to have them dipped in chocolate and covered with sprinkles . . . it’s my girl’s dream come true (personally, I can’t stand sprinkles – so this is a treat Gracie won’t  be sharing with me!)

I know we won’t be able to get this HUGE treat with a snack credit – but no worries – Disney makes smaller ones too!

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Beth Green said...

Gracie and I would get along GREAT!! I LOVE anything shaped like Mickey and sprinkles (or sparkles as my son calls them) makes it even BETTER!!! I need to add this to my list too!! thanks!

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