Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pretty as a Picture


This week’s letter for Destination Disney is P.  What a nice change of pace after N and O – which turned out to be hard for most of us!  P’s easy – there are lots and lots of things at Disney that start with P . . .

Florida 2011 024
Port Orleans Riverside – our home away from home this past May
Looking forward to visiting again this winter!

Florida 2011 249
Ashley as a Pirate

Florida 2011 362
Someplace we have yet to try – Planet Hollywood

Florida 2011 674
a hidden Mickey from Gracie’s list -
Pollost Prime (inside Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin)

Florida 2011 682
I know, I know – I used this for C too -
but it’s one of my favorites – Carousel of Progress

Florida 2011 1104 
Another favorite – what can I say?  I’m a nerd!
The Hall of Presidents

Florida 2011 1133
Peter Pan

Florida 2011 125 
Pooh (of the topiary variety)

Copy of Florida 2011 030 
Pooh (of the cuddly variety)

Florida 2011 414 Florida 2011 413
Pastries from Norway

Florida 2011 432
Phone booth!

Florida 2011 463
Pumpkins (on another favorite nerd ride!)

Florida 2011 484

Florida 2011 974
Pink Flamingos

I think I could find a LOT more P pictures to share – I haven’t even done any Princess pictures – but , alas, I think I’ve filled this post quite enough!  If you have P pictures from Disney to share, please do.  And don’t forget to link up here.

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Disney on Wheels said...

Great photos! We loved Port Orleans Riverside too. It is such a beautiful resort.

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