Monday, November 21, 2011

2011 Gratitude Challenge-November 21

Today I am very thankful for all that Ashley and I were able to accomplish today.  Sometimes, as a homeschool mom who works from home, my house gets totally out-of-hand!  (Yes, I confess – my kids and my job almost always come ahead of my house!)  Anyway, I was starting to get in one of those ruts where I was feeling very dissatisfied with my house. 

Yesterday, after church, we all worked together to rearrange the living room, and I was feeling much better about that room.  It’s a half-decent sized room but it contains 5 (large) windows, the front door, a corner closet, the doorway into the kitchen, and the double-doorway into the dining room.  And, if that wasn’t enough, it also contains stairs, a heater (which is covered, thankfully), and a pellet stove – all of which make arranging and rearranging quite a challenge.

Today, Ashley started in the dining room and I started in the kitchen.  We got so much accomplished –cleaning, moving things around to organize, etc.  We aren’t 100% finished, but I’m totally pleased with our progress. 

If that weren’t enough, I also got 5 loads of laundry done today (which requires 2 flights up and down the stairs per load!) and I made a yummy lasagna and garlic bread for supper.  We actually ate at the dining room table for the first time in, probably, several months!  It was so nice to sit around the table as a family.

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Rodna said...

It does feel good to get things accomplished. I am about to be busy moving my house! lol

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