Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2011 Gratitude Challenge-November 23

Earlier this month, I shared my thanks for all my new Disney blogging buddies.  I’ve found the community of Disney-lovers to be much like the community of homeschoolers and adoptive families.  There’s just a neat bond there. 

Today, I’m thinking of Disney.  My computer  table looks out our side windows and this is what I see:

fall 2011

It’s been pouring down rain for 2 days, my backyard resembles a swamp, and my tree has very few leaves left on it (remember the other week when it was still covered with green leaves AND snow?)  This kind of weather depresses me – and I’ve had some less-than-pleasant news to go along with it – so my mood is a bit down today.  But, thinking of Disney always helps to lift my spirits. 

So, today, I’m thankful for the opportunity that I have to participate in these fun Disney-related things . . .

Blogorail Logo

The Magical Blogorail is such a neat community of Disney bloggers.  I’m honored that they left me in, since my blog isn’t strictly Disney-related.  (Of course, it is quite obvious that I love Disney, isn’t it?)  Anyway, being on this team has been such fun for me this past year – and I look forward to spending more time with them in 2013.  In fact, on my next trip to Disney, I’m actually planning to meet up with a fellow Blogorail member!


When Randy approached me about coming on board at Your Highway in the Sky to write a column from the perspective of a Disney mom, I was flattered.  But, I wasn’ t sure I was qualified to be a part of this neat group of Disney lovers.  They are all so knowledgeable, and they all live in FL.  Here I am, up in my own little corner of PA all alone. But, I do know Disney from the perspective of a parent – so I hope that I bring a little bit of that to the website, and can hopefully encourage other parents.  (FYI: if you’re interested in an alternative to the pin-trading lanyards, my latest contribution is a simple do-it-yourself idea you might want to check out.)


And my newest adventure is for a brand-new website called The Disney Moms.  This website is made up of a group of Disney-lovers with kids in various age groups, with various special needs, etc.  Some of us are into the educational aspects of Disney, others are into the fun-factor. Each of us has our “area of expertise”, but we’ll also be crossing boundaries at times to bring you the best source of Disney information we can possibly provide!  I think it’s going to be lots of fun.  So be sure to check it out (just click on the adorable button to go to the website)!

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