Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2011 Gratitude Challenge-November 8

This morning, I had my dreaded annual exam.  Man, being a woman sure does come with its set of inconveniences; and this is just one of them.  I dread it every year. 

But, thankfully, I have a great OBGYN practice (that I’ve been going to since before Ashley was born!). The past few years I’ve been seeing a nurse practitioner that I just really love.  She seems very attentive and caring, yet she’s not afraid to tell me what she knows I need to hear.  I just really like her. 

My Pap (God rest his soul) was a hypochondriac – every single time we’d ask him how he was, there was always something wrong.  Since Sue passed away, I find myself  being a bit more like that.  It’s like I’m waiting for my own death sentence or something.  I have to admit that it kinda messed with the whole “quality of life” thing when you’re sitting around waiting to find out what is wrong with you.

But anyway, I left there with a clean bill of health and I don’t have to go back for another year – so it’s all good, right?  (We’ll except  for that note I have reminding me to schedule a mammogram!)

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Lisa McClanahan said...

I always dread that too. There has got to be a better way!!

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