Wednesday, November 9, 2011

78 . . .

Today’s post is something that’s on Gracie’s shopping list for our trip.

7512002522316-1 (1) #78 – a new outfit for Duffy.  On our trip earlier this year, we bought her the Duffy for her birthday and she purchased this outfit for him ===>

She wanted something Asian, so she went with the China costume.  It’s adorable, but a bear simply cannot exist with just one outfit, you know?

So, with our recent fascination with the Pirates movies, she’s considering this outfit:


Ian is, however, trying to sway her in the direction of Lightning McQueen.  She’s not easily swayed (you’d think he’d know that by now!)

In any case, maybe there will be a Duffy bear in Ian’s future, and he  can buy this outfit.  That would work, right?

Do you have a Duffy bear?  Which outfit(s) is your favorite?

Credit for all images in this post goes to the Disney Store.

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Melissa said...

So where did Duffy Bear come from anyway?  It just seems like all of a sudden there was this new Disney character from out of no where...

I'm going to send you an email about getting together while you're down here on your trip, sometime soon...I have an idea, but didn't know if it would fit in with your plans at all...

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