Sunday, November 6, 2011

81 . . .

There are some great shows on Disney property.  And this one is one of our all-time favorites:

#81 – It doesn’t really matter how many times we see this show, or where we sit in the theater (we’ve  been way up front, somewhere in the middle, and in the nosebleed section), we always enjoy Beauty and the Beast LIVE on Stage.

Florida '09 152
This picture is of Ian and me,
waiting for the show to start in 2009.


North Laurel said...

Although I've never seen it at Disney (and I'm sure it would be spectacular) I have seen it performed in a small town theater and it was superb! Perhaps some day I will see it at Disney, maybe :)

Rebekah Petrocelli said...

Hello lovely Disney Queen, I am so glad you picked this live show. It truly is a must-see for anyone coming to the Hollywood Studios. I remember the first time we saw it, and the first time I took my parents to see it! The expressions were priceless as are the memories.

Cristi said...

We were on the very front row in the center when we saw it a few weeks ago. It was awesome!

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