Saturday, November 12, 2011

Girls’ Overnighter Trip Report

fall 2011 209 On Thursday, Ashley and I left for an overnight trip to Lancaster, PA. She said all she wanted for her 18th birthday was to spend the night at the Fulton Steamboat Inn with me, and to shop! Because I can’t turn down an opportunity to shop, and because I dearly love this girl and spending time with her, I made us a reservation! 

We stopped for a quick “hello” and a hug for my friend Crystal from Logistically Large.  We were a little early to check into the hotel, so we did some shopping at the Tanger Outlets.  I grabbed a summer shirt for Ian at the Osh Kosh outlet, we enjoyed some yummy samples at Harry & David, and then we each bought some goodies at Bath & Body Works.  We hit the jackpot in the Aeropostale outlet – I got Gracie a few things for Christmas, along with 2 shirts she can wear now and 2 for next summer ($1.99 each!) and Ashley got a cool wristlet/wallet.

fall 2011 192 We checked into our hotel next.  Ashley was impressed. The rooms are beautiful and very clean! The whole appearance just makes you feel like you are on an old steamboat; and the extra little “touches” are just fun.  Like the rubber ducky in the bathroom (yes, we brought it home!):

fall 2011 194


Next we went to a few of the shops at Rockvale Square.  Ashley found some books to buy (no surprise there! LOL)  We also hit up the Disney Outlet (our favorite), where Ashley found some matching shirts for her, Gracie, and Ian.  Not sure if they’ll go to Disney with us or not, but we’ll definitely do a kids’ picture with them soon!

Next was supper at the Olive Garden (I had a gift certificate from our neighbors so we only had to add a couple of dollars and a tip.)  I chose the Eggplant Pamesan, while Ashley had her favorite – Chicken Alfredo.

fall 2011 201fall 2011 200
After supper, we were stuffed!  It was getting chilly, so we decided to head to Park City Mall  to walk off our supper.  The mall is huge, but we somehow managed to walk the entire thing in less than an hour and a half!  We decided to find a place to enjoy some ice cream for dessert, despite the cold!  We found a really neat place called FroYo, where we enjoyed creating our own frozen yogurt sundaes.  I went with a mix of cappuchino and vanilla yogurt, topped with heath bar pieces, almonds, and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. Ashley went with all vanilla yogurt, topped with oreo pieces, brownie pieces, and a variety of nuts. 

fall 2011 202fall 2011 203

We headed back to our hotel to relax and watch HGTV for the rest of the evening. 

fall 2011 199

Friday morning, we got up and got ready for our day.  We decided on brunch at Panera Bread. I’d have taken a picture, but it was just so yummy that I totally forgot about the picture – I was too busy savoring my food (which was the Spinach & Bacon Souffle).  Ashley enjoyed her breakfast sandwich as well. 

From there, we went back to Rockvale and did more shopping. She got a fun pair of shoes, we went back to the Disney Outlet and bought a few more things, and we got some great deals at the Vanity Fair outlet (I got 2 pairs of jeans which I really needed, so I was pleased).  Of course, we hit up the Pepperidge Farm outlet for Goldfish! We did some shopping at Ross & Kohls too.

Then we went to Kitchen Kettle Village for some goodies to bring home. We had fun doing some taste-testing, despite the fact  that the place was jam-packed (I guess that’s what you get when you plan a getaway on Veterans Day!) 

We were ready to head home, but had to fight the traffic.  Oh, and we had to head a bit out of our way – to the tattoo parlor – to get Ashley’s nose ring put back in (it fell out earlier that morning).  Man, was that a process!  Hopefully we won’t have to deal with that again anytime soon.  Ewww!!!

We came home and enjoyed going through all our many bags, and enjoying some pizza and movies with our family!  All-in-all, it was a great time away.  Ashley already said she wants to do it again next year! 


Capturing Magical Memories said...

Still amazed how much you two look alike!  And how fun to have a girls weekend.  I am thinking of having one next year at WDW... want to come? : )

Mrs. Taffy said...

The spinach bacon souffle at Panera is my FAVORITE!  And the best part about staying in hotel is being able to watch HGTV!  (in my humble opinion!lol)  You guys had an amazing weekend!  Happy Birthday to your girl!

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