Monday, November 7, 2011

Heidi’s Head has been nominated . . .

HSBAAwards2011Nominatedcopy Honestly, I don’t usually put much stock in the Homeschool Blog Awards.  Why?  Well, because I see so many people asking for nominations.  To me, when you have to ask to be nominated, it might not necessarily be deserved.  Then, once the blogs are nominated, people start the whole “vote for me” campaign.  I’m just not a fan of politics anyway, so I don’t get into it.

However, today I saw a friend mention that her blog had been nominated, so I headed over to check out some other nominations – only to discover that Heidi’s Head has been nominated for THREE different categories:

  • Best Homeschool Blog Design (OK, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I deserve this one!  Yes, I had the idea for my blog’s new look, but Christi took that idea, ran with it, and came up with something beyond my wildest expectations!  I (heart) her!)
  • Best Nitty Gritty Homeschooler (what does that mean exactly?  Cause if it means we get all the important stuff done each day, I probably don’t deserve this one.  But, if it means we’re getting a whole lot of nothing done most days, then I’m your gal!  Or if it means that my blog’s got a variety of posts, then again I just might fit the bill.) 
  • Best SUPER Homeschooler (thanks, people!  You’re too kind!  When my kids heard this, Ashley said “If they only knew . . . ")  LOL
  • ETA: Best Photos Blog (I never even thought to look in that category because I never thought it would apply to me.  Much to my surprise, a friend found my blog listed on the nominees for this one also.  I guess it’s all those Disney pictures I post!)

To whoever nominated me, THANKS!  You seriously made my day! 
To anyone who would like to vote for me, just click on the links above to do so.  I’ll appreciate you, even though I’m sure I don’t have much chance of winning. :)  I’m up against some steep competition.

My dear friend Christi – the creative mind behind my blog design – has also been nominated for Best New Homeschool Blog.  She so deserves it.  So, go ahead and vote for her too, if you’re so inclined. Her blog is listed as Sweet Tea & Sandy Beaches.

Oh, and the Homeschool Crew was once again nominated in the Best Group Blog category.  We’d love your votes there too!  (It’s listed toward the bottom, under TOS Homeschool Crew.)

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