Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wreaths of Maine

My delivery men always get a nice reception at my house.  The kids and I all get excited when we see the UPS or Fed Ex truck pull up out front.  We can’t wait to tear into the packages and find out what is inside!  Some packages are, obviously, more exciting than others.

Last week, one of those “extra exciting” packages arrived, via Fed Ex.  I was careful when opening this one  because I knew what was inside.  I couldn’t wait to see it and to hang it on my front porch. . .

fall 2011 214 
Isn’t it gorgeous?!
I just love the way it looks against the bricks.

Have you ever had a live wreath?  This is the second time we’ve had one, and I just love them!  This one came from Wreaths of Maine and, not only is it beautiful, it is so well put together.  It’s very full and thick and constructed of lovely, healthy greenery (no brown stuff here!).  The “extras” give it a nice touch, I think.  The bow came packaged inside the wreath (so it wouldn’t get flattened during delivery) – it was very simple to attach it to the wreath with the wires.  I already had a nail on my porch, so I attached the wreath to that – took about 2 seconds and the results are gorgeous!

Living in the northeast (PA, to be exact), and having a front porch that only gets the morning sun, I know a live wreath can last all winter long here.  That makes it totally worth the pricetag, in my opinion! 

I was out shopping for a Christmas tree this weekend, and had opportunity to look at and price some Christmas wreaths as well.  I could have spent anywhere from $25 to $50 dollars on a store-bought wreath that was not nearly this thick and full and made from plastic (or other fake parts).  Sure, they might last from year to year (if properly stored), but they look cheap and somewhat tacky too. 

Wreaths of Maine offers a variety of wreath styles, ranging in price from $31 to $42 dollars.  In addition to the wreaths, they also have a swag, a spray, and pine roping available.  They’re all beautiful and made from fresh-cut greenery.  And the best part – they are made right here in the good old US of A!

fall 2011 216 
A cute boy and a gorgeous wreath – nice combination!

As if the aromatic, balsam fir wreaths weren’t enough in and of themselves, there’s more . . .

Wreaths of Maine offers a great fundraiser program for homeschoolers (or anyone, really).  If you’ve got a young entrepeneur in your home – or a group that’s looking to make some extra cash – you should definitely look into this fundraising opportunity.  You can  go door-to-door, selling wreaths, and earning commissions.  This would be a super homeschool project for your kids – teaching them social skills and small  business – as well as giving them some extra holiday money.  Wreaths of Maine supplies all the paperwork you need for a successful fundraiser, including full-color brochures and carbon order forms.  I’d highly recommend this, and hope to use this fundraiser in our homeschool next fall. 

Don’t believe me?  Then head over to the Homeschool Crew blog and see what other members of the Crew have to say about these wreaths.  You can also learn more about Wreaths of Maine by visiting their website or Facebook page.

NOTE: I received the wreath pictured above in exchange for my posting about Wreaths of Maine here on my blog. I was not obligated to write a glowing review. All opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.


Our Homeschool Reviews said...

Heidi, the wreath looks really nice against the brick. Our brick is similar...how did you get it in?

Jennifer said...

Great review and what a cutie, Ian is adorable!

Jodi Holstead said...

Great review Heidi, and seeing Ian's cute little face next to the wreath makes it even better!  He's getting so big!  Your wreath looks beautiful!

Richele said...

Love the review.  The wreath is beautiful...but a tad overshadowed by your cute boy! :) 

Kristen said...

You're right. The cute boy and the wreath make a great combination :)

Breezy Point Mom said...

That is such a perfect looking wreath.  I have a dear friend who feels sorry for me in Florida not having (north woods) greenery for Christmas, and sends me a wreath like that every year.   I always look forward to its smell.

Floydhwy13 said...

Oak Hill Organics still has a few wreath forms ready for your Fresh Boxwood Wreath Purchase. Here's the site: http://www.localharvest.org/store/M10106&ul

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