Thursday, November 17, 2011

2011 Gratitude Challenge-November 17

Yesterday, on the way to Gracie’s violin lesson, we passsed several schools still in session.  We were asked to come for an earlier lesson time; so while we’re usually dealing with the busses, yesterday the kids were still in school when we went past.

It prompted a question from Gracie --- “Mom, why are they in school for 8 hours when it usually only takes us 3?”  Good question!  We talked about it for awhile, and I explained that in a school setting each subject is assigned to a certain amount of time (a “class”).  So, in other words, on math test day, if the test only takes you 5 minutes to complete, you have to find something quiet to do for the rest of the time period.  While, on the other hand, here at home on test day, you finish the test and move onto the next subject. Also, if a teacher is teaching about subjects and verbs, every student in the class has to wait and listen while she explains over and over again for those who don’t understand. In other words, we can accomplish a lot more, in a lot less time. 

I don’t want this post to come across as condescending because I certainly don’t look down upon my friends who choose to send their kids to school; but today I’m very thankful that I don’t have to put my children on that big yellow bus each morning.  I’m thankful for homeschooling.


Rodna said...

I am so thankful for that too! And actually I was going to post about being thankful for homeschooling today too! But Since I fund out that I am reviewing Toydle, I wrote about how thankful I am for that! lol

Janet said...

Amen and amen!  Me tooo!



Tajuana said...


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