Sunday, December 4, 2011

53 . . .

Florida 2011 055 By the time we travel, my kids will have each earned a nice-sized Disney gift card to use for souvenir purchases.  (To see how they are earning their gift cards, visit this post.) They all have specific things on their Disney shopping lists.  I know that one of the stores that is a MUST for Ian is the Lego Store at Downtown Disney.  He could literally spend a full day in that store alone!  Every day, he seems to change his mind about what he might want to buy there . . . will it be something Pirates of the Caribbean?  Maybe Toy Story?  or Cars?  We don’t know – but we’re sure to find out!

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Capturing Magical Memories said...

Oh, the Lego Store at Downtown Disney.  Be forewarned - small children may have to be carried out screaming.  John loved it so much he never wanted to leave.  It was bad. 

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