Monday, January 2, 2012

24 . . .

Florida 2011 810 As the countdown numbers get smaller, our excitement gets bigger!  Today, we are looking forward to an old favorite – a classic at the Magic Kingdom – but one that, no matter how many times we ride, we still smile and laugh every time.  Any guesses?  It’s the Jungle Cruise!

I can’t help it – I just love those crazy jokes that the guides tell as they take you on a journey through the jungle.  The effects are so much less than Disney is capable of creating nowadays – but there’s just something about this attraction that makes me feel at home when I’m visiting.

We love the signs along the queue too:

Florida 2011 813 Florida 2011 811 Florida 2011 812


Capturing Magical Memories said...

#Disney Jungle Cruise is still one of my favorites.  I absolutely love the cheekiness of it.  So my personality!

DisneyonWheels said...

Love the Jungle Cruise! We always have a great skipper which makes it even more awesome.

Diana said...

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