Monday, January 23, 2012

3 . . .

If the only thing to do at Walt Disney World was to ride the monorail, I have a little boy who would be just fine with that!  Ian adores the monorail!  It’s his all-time favorite thing at WDW – and he can’t wait to board it.  And, the truth is, I’m pretty excited myself.  Because, once you get on that monorail, you just kinda feel like you are home, you know? 

Do you have a favorite monorail color?


Capturing Magical Memories said...

We actually rode the #Disney Epcot-Magic Kingdom leg for an hour once just for fun. 

Lindsayann said...

Heidi, We love the monorail too, any color! When we visited WDW for the 2nd time we went for 2 weeks and we set one day aside for exploring the Disney resorts on the monorail. We rode from one resort to the next getting off at each one and visiting the shops and enjoying the grounds there. It was one of my favorite days of the holiday :)

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