Sunday, January 22, 2012

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Florida 2011 795

See the look on Ian’s face in the picture to the right?!  LOL  That’s what you look like when you’re really hot and tired, and waiting for the Walt Disney World Railroad to pull into the station so you can finally climb around and take a ride around the park. 

You know what’s ironic, though?  We finally boarded that thing, only to journey through Frontierland and catch a glimpse of Woody & Jessie greeting friends – and Ian declared that we had to get off so that we could meet them too.

I seriously don’t remember the last time we’ve made the entire trip around the park – if ever!  So, I am bound and determined to change that status in just a few short days.  I’m staying ON the train this year!


Mandy Jo Mayzum said...

I have a tip you may not know about the train. Go towards the back and ask if they have a guest conductor yet! My kids LOVE to be the Guest Conductor. They get to sit in the back and say "All Aboard"

Mikki said...

Your trip is just around the corner!! How fun!! We were there today and so much is going on at the Magic Kingdom. It's going to be great when it's all done!
Are you all coming for vacation or some time of business stuff?

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