Saturday, January 21, 2012

5 . . .

Florida 2011 1154 # 5 on the countdown is my absolute favorite thrill ride at Walt Disney World.  Man, if there wasn’t a line, I could ride this thing 10 times in a row, laughing the entire time!  I love it.  Yep, it’s the Tower of Terror.

While others in my family may not necessarily agree (namely: Gracie), I think it’s the top of the charts (and I’d pick it over Rock ‘n Roller Coaster any day of the week)! 

So, yep, I’m anxious to get back on this thing for another elevator drop in just a few short days . . .

How about you?

1 comment:

Vanessa said...

I love Tower of Terror! I was there when it first opened and I waited hours in line to ride it. It was well worth it.

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