Monday, February 6, 2012

Friends Count!

A few years ago, I took my daughter Gracie and her friend Leah (who is the daughter of my dear friend Sue) to Build-A-Bear, in honor of Gracie’s 9th birthday.  Just a few weeks later, we discovered that Sue had cancer.

1398 So, when I heard that Build-A-Bear Workshop is celebrating their 15th anniversary and that, in conjunction with that, they are also celebrating the fact that 100 million furry friends have been created during those 15 years, I thought it was worth sharing with my readers. 

My daughter Gracie is a HUGE fan of her furry friends!  She’s loyal to a fault.  Her Build-A-Bear and Build-A-Dino creations have a special place in her bedroom. 

Me, on the other hand – while I love stuffed animals – I prefer friends of the real variety.  But, good friends – loyal ones – are very hard to come by these days.  Since my friend Sue passed away, I’ve been hard-pressed to find another “real life friend” that I can connect with in that same way.  Some days I’m not even sure that I want to; but, other days, I long to find another friend like Sue that I can laugh with, cry with, and just generally be myself with. 

If you have such a friend, treasure her!  And maybe, in honor of this special friendship, you could even visit Build-A-Bear Workshop and create a furry friend to remind you of your real friend.  In fact, maybe I will do just that! 

NOTE: By publishing this post, I was entered to win a gift card as part of a promotional offer from MomSelect and Build-A-Bear Workshop. All opinions are my own.

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