Tuesday, February 21, 2012

on the search for Hidden Mickeys

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Our Favorite Hidden Mickeys . . .
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This topic couldn’t be any more timely.  We just returned from a vacation to Walt Disney World a few weeks ago (feel free to follow along as I share about our trip). Gracie went to the parks each day, armed with Steven Barrett’s Hidden Mickey Field Guide.  She was determined to find as many Hidden Mickey’s as possible!  I’m going to divide them up by park . . .
hidden mickey 2 hidden mickey 1
The leaves on the left are found in It’s a Small World, while the photo on the right is from the last scene of Carousel of Progress.
hidden mickey 5 hidden mickey 3
hidden mickey 4Copy of hidden mickey 6   hidden mickey 7 hidden mickey 8
These Hidden Mickey’s were all found in World Showcase -
the Sportsman’s Shoppe is located in the UK Pavilion,
the next 2 (totem pole and fish) are in the Canada Pavilion,
the next 2 (mural and plates) are in the Morocco Pavilion,
and the last one is a grate in the Koi pond in the Japan Pavilion.
hidden mickey 9
This Hidden Mickey is on a refrigerator in the prop room on
the Backlot Tour.
And we found Rafiki’s Planet Watch to be a treasure trove
of Hidden Mickey’s.  These were all found there:
 hidden mickeyDisney January 2012 07310 hidden mickeyDisney January 2012 06610 hidden mickeyDisney January 2012 06710 hidden mickeyDisney January 2012 06910 hidden mickeyDisney January 2012 07010 
hidden mickeyDisney January 2012 07510 hidden mickeyDisney January 2012 07610 hidden mickeyDisney January 2012 07710  hidden mickeyDisney January 2012 07910 hidden mickeyDisney January 2012 08010 hidden mickeyDisney January 2012 08110
Do you have favorite Hidden Mickey’s?  If so, please leave me a comment and share – we’ll be sure to look for them on our next trip (in September!)
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Debs said...

Wow, you found some great Hidden Mickeys! I haven't seen some of them. I'll have to check them out next trip.

MouseFanDiane said...

very cool, I had no Idea they were all there at Epcot. Our fav is on TTA on the Space Girl's Belt 

Beth D. said...

Great hidden Mickeys!  We haven't attempted to locate Hidden Mickey's in the parks yet (I have no idea why!), but we will definitely be making a point of it next trip!

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