Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PA winters & cold feet

One of the things that I’m really starting to resent about life in PA (and I’ve lived here my entire life) is this . . . once the cold weather hits, my feet get cold and stay cold for  the next several months.  Please don’t tell me this is old age setting in and my circulation isn’t what it once was!  I’m in denial of the whole “old age” thing.

img_3809 Fuzzy socks have become my best winter friends.  But, there are times when fuzzy socks aren’t really appropriate and you need a slipper.  So, I was pleased with the opportunity to try the Creme Phur Slippers from Lovesac.  These slippers are made from a hypo-allergenic polyester knit.  Not only are they super soft and amazingly comfortable, but they’re also quite durable.  I’ve been wearing mine for about 2 months and they are holding up very well.

_mg_3796 These slippers would make a great gift for that cold-footed person in your life.  I have to admit that I’m a sucker for good-packaging, and these slippers arrived in a super-sturdy cardboard box and they were neatly tied up with a satin ribbon.  Yep, they had me at “hello”.

My only issue with these slippers is that they are available in 3 different sizes – I chose the large (with is for ladies sizes 9-12) because I normally wear a size 9 shoe.  That size is too large a range, though, and these slippers are WAY too big for me.  I wish I would have went with the medium size because I have to literally hold them on my feet; and the too-large-ness of them has cause me to trip going up the stairs.  So, if you decide to order some for yourself, and you’re a ladies size 9, I’d recommend going down a size for these slippers. 

I’m pretty sure your feet will love you for buying these!  As for me, I’ve set my sights a bit higher – now I’m wishing for a Pillow Sac from Lovesac. 

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