Sunday, May 6, 2012

All-time Favorite Disney Souvenirs

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This week’s Destination Disney topic is to share about our favorite Disney souvenirs.  Considering as how even Brian doesn’t mind shopping at Walt Disney World, we have a lot of Disney souvenirs from past visits.  I’m going to try to pick just 4 that seem to be favorites with us:


ONE Photo albums.  Years ago, I used to scrapbook (man, that seems like a lifetime ago, but really it’s just B.I. = “before Ian”).  Anyway, these days I don’t have the time or space for that.  So, on our 2009 trip, we started purchasing a Disney photo album on each trip.  It’s simple to fill them with pictures and there’s spaces to write about each one, as desired.  So, they make great keepsakes.  We keep them out so we can pull them out and look at them whenever we are in the mood for a Disney fix. 

TWO Picture frames.  I just bought our first Disney picture frame on last year’s trip, but I think this will become sometime that we buy each time as well.  This trip, Ashley purchase a large wall frame (that will hold 4 pictures) for Brian and I for our 20th anniversary.  I admit, we didn’t fill it or hang it yet – but I’m anxious to get it up on the living room wall somewhere.  I also have a hand-made Disney frame that I won from a fellow Disney blogger, and some of the keepsake frames that you get with the photo packages at various restaurants on property.  These are all fun to display throughout the house to keep the Disney magic alive.

THREEAutographs. I didn’t say “autograph books” because we’ve done autographs in different ways over the years.  We like to “mix things up” a bit.  But, those character autographs are a great souvenir, whether in a traditional autograph book, or elsewhere.  We’ve done autographs on paper and inserted them with character pictures in albums.  We’ve also created our own, personalized autograph books.  This coming trip, we plan to take our Disney character encyclopedia and get them to sign that. 

FOURPins.  My kids love pin-trading.  But, even more special are the pins that they choose to buy “just because” – whether it’s to commemorate a resort that we’ve stayed at, a favorite ride, or a personal connection – these make wonderful collections and the kids enjoy looking at their pins throughout the year. 

Do you have favorite Disney souvenirs?  If so, please share them in the comments, or post about them on your blog and link up here.


My Own Sense and Sensibility said...

I posted on Facebook.  But I forgot one.  We love their photo albums and get a new one every time to fill them with 200 of our most favorites memories while there.

Jesmicwilmom said...

Mickey ears with our names, of course!

MapleMouseMama said...

Nice list Heidi!  I love the idea to have the characters sign your character encyclopedia!  What a cool idea!!


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