Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Favorite Snacks at Disney

DD button - other blogsHere I am – the delinquent meme host – coming to you at the last minute with my post for this week!  (That’s not entirely true, since I always allow a whole extra week for linking up.  But still . . . I feel like a slowpoke.  In my defense, though, it’s been a busy week!)

Since this week’s topic is our 5 Favorite Snacks, and since I’ve got 5 People in My Family (think Sesame Street), I’m going to poll my family and share each one of our favorite Disney snacks.  Here goes . . .

BRIAN – OK, so I tried to poll Brian (by e-mailing him at work) and he’s not answering.  So, I guess that means I get to pick for him, right?  I can’t think of a snack that he wouldn’t like (except egg rolls).  On this last trip, he seemed quite taken with the Churros, he loves Dole Whips (with orange instead of pineapple).  But, I think since Gracie passed up the Turkey Leg, I’ll assign that to Brian as his favorite.  LOL  (That’s what you get for not voting!)

ASHLEY – I don’t even have to ask Ashley about this one.  I know that, like me, she loves the Dole Whip Floats.  However, I’m quite certain that she’d vote for the HUGE Cinnamon Rolls at the Main Street Bakery in the Magic Kingdom. 

GRACIE – A new snack we discovered on our last trip but will definitely continue to go back for every time is the caramel popcorn at Karamell-Küche in the Germany pavilion at Epcot.  We all love caramel corn anyway – but there’s something extra special about THAT caramel corn.  It’s so much better than any we’ve tried anywhere else (including the boardwalk at the beach!)  Truly, I’m shocked, though, that she didn’t pick the Turkey Leg.

IAN – Ian couldn’t narrow it down either.  So, he’s pretty much going with “all the candy at Goofy’s Candy Company” at Downtown Disney.  He loves candy and we limit him at home because I don’t want his teeth to rot.  LOL  At Disney, we use up the remainder of our snack credits at Goofy’s Candy Company.  Ian loves that place!

ME – This one is a total “duh!”  I mean, is there anything other than a Dole Whip Float?!  OK, I know, there are lots of other great snacks.  (And when you’re on the dining plan, you get to try a bunch of them!)  Some runner-ups for me would be the pastries in Norway, the Churros, and egg rolls; but I just really, really love the Dole Whip Float (pineapple with pineapple, thank you very much!)

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MapleMouseMama said...

LOL, I love your family's choices Heidi!  I have never had a turkey leg and really have no hankering for one, but maybe someday...


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