Monday, July 16, 2012

7 Tools ~ Introduction & Appendix

The Pelsers 7 Tools Book Club

This past week was the first week in the 7 Tools Book Club, being hosted by Amanda at Our assignment was to read the Introduction & the Appendix in the book 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s Potential by Zan Tyler.  I had actually started this book several months ago, but decided to re-start it to coincide with the book club schedule.  So, while I had read both of these sections before, it was great to start back over and re-read them. 

Amanda asks us a big question this week --- “Have you ever said ‘no’ to God?”

I think this is a question that every person has to answer “yes” to.  As humans, it’s often hard for us to trust in God’s perfect plan (or His timing).  We are often scared by the things that He calls us to do.  Sometimes we have a fear of the unknown, or a fear of failure, that causes us to say “no” to Him.  Whatever it is – whatever the situation – I’m sure we can all agree that we’ve balked at God on more than one occasion. 

In my own life, I experienced this last spring when I felt God telling me to quit a job.  I balked and stubbornly refused to quit because [a] I wanted to give it another chance, [b] I liked what I was doing, and [c] we needed the money. 

While my reasoning for not quitting might have been ok, because I was going against what I believe was God’s will for my life, I was sinning.  I was refusing to do what I felt that He was telling me to do.  I was afraid – [a] of how I would be treated, [b] of what people would think of me, and [c] of what I would do next.  I believe that, for me at least, fear often plays a bit part in my saying “no” to God.  What about you?

Over the months that followed, various things happened that made it more and more clear to me what God was calling me to do.  Then one day, the “final straw” was laid before me and I finally followed God’s leading.  After all the times that I have criticized the children of Israel because “they just didn’t get it”!  Man, why are we humans so stubborn?! 

In any case, it’s now been several months since that event and I have seen God’s hand at work in my life and IT IS GOOD!  He had a plan – I just needed to step out of my comfort zone and follow Him. 

This can be true in so many areas of our lives – our homeschooling, what church we go to, our jobs – no matter what it is, we need to keep our eyes focused on what really matters, which is God and His will for our lives. As long as we are focused there, we can’t go wrong.  And  trust me when I say that fighting His will is no fun!  In fact, it causes a lot of stress and health problems.  Don’t do it! 

I appreciate Zan’s honesty in the Introduction of this book and for telling her story in more detail in the Appendix.  I look forward to reading Chapter 1 this week and learning more about cultivating the potential in my kids! 


MissionalMama said...

It was an interesting question that Amanda asked us this week, I enjoyed reading your thoughts on it!  Fear can be a big factor for me as well. 

Jennifer Janes said...

Amen, Heidi! I struggle with fear and trusting His perfect plan too. You're right. We're not so different from those hard-headed Israelites after all, are we?

Heidi Strawser said...

That's it exactly, Jennifer.

You know, usually the things that bother us about others are issues in our own lives as well. :)

Jennifer Janes said...

That is SO true!

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