Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Favorite Quick-Service Restaurants at Disney

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As I write this post, my kids and I are counting down the days ‘til our next Disney trip. Fortunately for us, we’re going during a time when we could take advantage of the FREE Disney Dining Plan – again!  We have all of our Table Service meals plan – but the Quick-Service ones don’t require quite as much planning (I like to be a little bit “free” with these).  Here are some of our favorite Quick-Service eateries (based on past experience). . .

Magic Kingdom

We have enjoyed eating at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & CafĂ©.  What I like about this restaurant is the topping bar – the burgers come basically plain and you can add what you want to them.  Their taco salad is the same way – you get the bowl and meat and top it with your favorites!  I love making my own choices!


There are so many great choices at Epcot when it comes to dining.  For our family, though, to find a place where we are all happy, we usually end up at the Electric Umbrella in Future World.  For the record, the meals here are huge and plenty enough to share!

Hollywood Studios

Up until recently, we’ve really only done quick-service meals at Hollywood Studios, so we’ve tried quite a few of them.  I know if I’d poll my kids, they’d vote for Toy Story Pizza Planet. I think it’s over-crowded in there, but I do like that the pizza meals come with a side-salad. Smile

Animal Kingdom

We haven’t had opportunity to do much quick-service dining at Animal Kingdom, but I’m going to mention Flame Tree Barbecue even though we’ve not yet eaten there.  Why?  Because it’s been on our must-do list for our past few visits – we’ve just always found ourselves over full from other meals!  I’ve already told the kids that we WILL be eating here in September though.  It comes highly recommended and it does smell divine when you walk past! 

Downtown Disney

Up until our most recent trip, we had never really eaten quick-service at DtD.  But, last trip, we had time on our first day – before checking into our resort – to head to DtD for lunch.  We settled on Earl of Sandwich and were thrilled that we did!  In fact, we all loved our meal so much that we went back again later in the week for round 2.  The kids and I are already plotting how to get there on our next trip.  If nothing else, we’ve decided to get take-out to eat at the airport before our flight home.  Gracie is crazy about their pizza sandwich!  If anyone knows how to recreate that toasted yumminess at home, please do share.  Even the PB&J was pretty much to die for (it, too, was toasted).  Man, just talking about it is making me hungry!

What about you?  What are your favorite quick-service dining options at Disney?  Anything you think we absolutely must try on this next trip?

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Tricia from Return to Disney said...

The one thing I loved about the quick-service restaurants at Disney was the quality. I expected McDonalds-style fast food, and got actual FOOD instead!

DebSays said...

Great list! Haven't tried Earl of Sandwich yet but I think that'll go on our list for Sept. Sounds really good.

Heidi Strawser said...

Oh my gosh - you MUST try it. We just discovered it, but we're in love. The cheese soup is yummy. Anyplace that serves a PB&J that is considered DELICIOUS has something going on!

Jordan Hanselman said...

Flame Tree is really good... the ribs are the BEST! Husband and I ate there in 2009 and plan on going again with 'Lil this fall. Just note that it is all outdoor seating so no aircon and at times, the birds can get a little aggressive (I think the moment we pushed back our chairs from the table, there was a Hichcock Bird's moment). Great for people watching as it is at a cross roads location and again the ribs were awesome (BBQ sandwich was good but not great). We plan on trying out Pizza Planet for the first time this fall and I'm crossing my fingers that the new Be Our Guest will be open so we can at least snag quick service once! Thanks for the recommendations!

Heidi Strawser said...

I hear all good about Flame Tree - so I'm looking forward to it. It always smells so yummy when we walk by. Then again, going in September, it might be hot, hot, hot - so we might decide to seek out someplace INDOORS. We'll see.

Disney on Wheels said...

We used the quick service dining plan one trip and really enjoyed it. It is nice not having to make ADRs. I've never eaten at Electric Umbrella, I guess we'll give it a try sometime. You guys might want to try the new flatbreads at Pinocchio Village Haus. The one I had was really yummy!

Savannah said...

Never ate at the Flame Tree Barbecue either, but I've heard it's great and definitely want to try it sometime.

Crystal & Bryan said...

Flame Tree's patio has the absolute best location at AK. Even if you're not eating there we usually stop in for a few minutes just to enjoy the view of Everest across the water.

Beth D. said...

We ate at Flame Tree for the first time last trip and loved it! Portions were great, food delicious and as Bryan said, the location has a great view! Earl if Sandwich is another if out favorites. Great food and great price!

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