Sunday, July 29, 2012

Waterpark Anyone?

Do you enjoy waterparks with your family?  We took our oldest daughter to a waterpark at the beach years ago – before daughter #2 came along.  Once there was another little one in the picture, it was hard to go to a place like that with an older child and a baby.  Since there are 6 years between my 3 kids, we haven’t been to a waterpark in many, many years. 

We do a lot of traveling (as much as the budget will allow) and we’ve passed our fair share of waterparks.  My kids have often asked “Can we go?”  Our answer is always something along the lines of “Someday, when Ian is older.”  Well, he’s 6 now and I think it’s high time that we actually fulfill our promise and take the kids to a waterpark, don’t you think?


Recently, I learned about Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark Resort in Columbus, OH.  Columbus is probably 6-7 hours from home; but, we have several friends who live in Ohio and could make a mini-vacation out of it!

Waterpark OverviewAre you familiar with Fort Rapids?

Fort Rapids is central Ohio's largest indoor water park resort. It’s the perfect family fun travel destination where 60,000 square feet of wet and wild fun is waiting for the whole family. Come relax and unwind in one of our guest rooms or family style villa suites, then zip down 12 unique water rides, float in the lazy river, get drenched by the 1,000 gallon tipping bucket and win big at the 5,000 square foot Gold Rush Arcade.

SlideRED_3Have you and your family ever visited an indoor waterpark like this? If you’d like to, I’ve got a great opportunity for you ---

Thanks to Fort Rapids and the US Family Guide, you can use this coupon to receive $50 off an overnight stay or $12 off the regular admission price for waterpark only (for up to 4 family members). 

Sounds like a great deal, huh?  Are you close to Columbus?  Is this something that you and your family can take advantage of?  The coupon is good through June 2013, so you have plenty of  time to make plans!

As for me and my homeschooling family, I think we’ll plan to visit at a time when other kids are in school!


Beth D. said...

We have had the same exact conversation! With Emily just 4, I know there are a few activities she can participate in at water parks, but she will want to be doing what her big brother and sister will be doing. I think we are going to give it another year or two . . . my husband wants to build up to spending a day at Blizzard Beach on of these years to Disney! :-)

Heidi Strawser said...

We have never done a Disney waterpark. Mostly we're there in the winter months and it just doesn't appeal. The two times we've gone in May it was definitely hot and we would have enjoyed it, but Ian was little and we only had a few days to spend at Disney and didn't want to use them at the waterpark. Some day though . . .

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