Sunday, August 19, 2012

Purple is my favorite color!

DD button - other blogsWe’ve been working through a rainbow of colors over the past several weeks, as part of the Destination Disney link-up.  This week, we’re focusing on my favorite color – PURPLE.  I think I like purple because it’s bright and cheery – the color just exudes happiness (well, except for lavender – I’m not a fan of lavender in the least bit!)  Anyway, Disney makes me feel that same way – bright, cheery, and happy.  What about you?

Here are a few purple images from our last trip:

010 (2)
We all wore plaid shirts to Hoop Dee Doo -
Ashley’s was purple plaid!

Disney World Day 2 2012 025
Canada’s gardens are full of lovely purple flowers.

Disney World Day 2 2012 038
Ashley’s gift card was purple -
she chose this one in honor of her favorite Disney movie!

Day2Mom 025
I do believe I see some purple in these sombreros!

Day2Mom 037
Purple pants, anyone?

MomspicsDay7 009
More purple pants!

MomPicturesDays&5 035
The swirly image on the Disney Quest building is purple -
told you purple meant FUN!

Did you link up your purple pictures yet?  If not, don’t forget to do so here.

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Rodna said...

Purple is my favorite color too!

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