Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Slow-Cooker Recipe Link-Up? Yes, PLEASE!

Around our house, times . . . they are a’changin’.  A few weeks ago, Ashley started working more full-time hours.  She’s gone now Monday through Thursday, and some Fridays too.  This is the girl that, for the past several years, has done 90% of the dish washing and vacuuming, probably 40% of the cooking, and upon getting her driver’s license, started sharing the taxi duties with me as well. 

Suddenly, I find myself left with all the responsibilities and I’m not afraid to admit that I’m drowning! I know it’s time to train up daughter number two to help with some of these things.  Last week, I assigned her to Tuesday night suppers and she successfully completed her first meal – which we all deemed edible (and even better than normal).  She’s on the schedule for tonight again, so we shall see.

Now, I don’t know about you, but things tend to get extra busy around here in September.  I used to have this thing where I would say “We’re busy, but things should slow down in _______” (fill in the blank with a month of choice).  Eventually, I realized that that statement is a crock of crap.  Things don’t slow down around here – they just seem to get more crazy. 

Anyway, September is when music lessons kick into full swing for fall and orchestra rehearsals start up again for Gracie.  Living in Smalltown, USA means that only piano lessons are local – we have to travel for violin and orchestra.  And this year, Ian is added to the mix with soccer – he’ll be heading right from outdoor to indoor next month – with no break in between. 

All this to say that my Crock-Pot® is my best friend!  (Because I have a real, true Crock-Pot®, I can call it that – it’s “the original slow cooker”!)  I can’t even count all the Crock-Pots® and slow cookers that I’ve been through (I tend to crack the pots.  Don’t judge!)  Here is my current pal:


I’m gone most Monday and Wednesday afternoons – home just in time for supper – so I need easy meals to throw in the ‘Pot on those days.  I’ve purchased some slow cooker recipe books, but they seem to be full of things that take a lot of ingredients or prep work. I want recipes that take just a few items – throw and go – yet come out making my house smell great and our supper taste wonderful!  You know the ones I mean, don’t you? 

I was contemplating starting a Slow-Cooker Recipe Link-Up when I just so happened to notice that my dear friend Jenn Perry was in the same “need of recipe ideas” boat.  I mentioned the possibility of a link-up, and the rest just fell into place.  Because surely, we aren’t the only two moms in need of some quick and easy slow-cooker help, right?  Please say “no”.

So, starting next Monday, both here at Heidi’s Head and over at Daze of Adventure, we’ll be posting a link-up for you.  I love how Jenn puts it“we will be co-hosting a link up on Mondays for all slow cooker/crockpot/plug-it-in-and-forget it recipes.”  Yep, that pretty much explains it.  So, get ready to share your favorites with us on Monday, the 1st of October!  We’ll be waiting (and so will our families!)

Oh, and lest you doubt that Jenn and I are really IRL friends, here’s a picture to prove it.  (I love meeting my blogging and internet buddies!  I had opportunity to meet Jenn last spring at the FPEA convention in Orlando.  You know me, any chance to get near Mickey and I’m there!)

Jenn Perry

See you next Monday!


Ginny said...

Awesome! Looking forward to this. I love my slow-cooker too and have been using it about once a week this whole year (my own little challenge). I have found a bunch of yummy, easy recipes (which of course I have modified because you know I can't leave well enough alone) and some not so good ones too. Looking forward to linking up and checking out all the new and fabulous recipes. Great idea, my friend.

Beth D. said...

I can't wait! I use my slow cooker ALL the time, especially with the kids in sports, which practices fall right at dinner time! I used my old one so much I wore it out. But good news, my mom gave one of the newer ones with the probe and can be programmed to pretty much do anything! I will be counting down to this link in!!!

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