Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Minds of Our Children

This is the second week of our new series of topics for Destination Disney.  Each week, we’re focusing on a quote.  This week’s quote is one that has great meaning to me, as a homeschool mom . . .


I took this picture while sitting inside the American Adventure pavilion, waiting to hear the Voices of Liberty sing and then be ushered into the theater for the show.  I love the American Adventure pavilion – it’s a treasure trove of great quotes (if you haven’t noticed)!  It’s also a rather interesting place!  If you pass this by on your trips around the World Showcase, I’d encourage you to stop and really soak it all in next time you visit.

Anyway, this past spring, we graduated our oldest daughter, Ashley, from our homeschool.  13 years ago, when it was time for her to start kindergarten, the teachers in our school district were on strike.  To make a long story very short, I decided to homeschool her for kindergarten.  Because, after talking to some people that I respected, and thinking and praying about it, I realized that nobody else knew this child as well as I did.  After all, I had spent every day of the first (almost) 6 years of her life with her. 

So, we set out on this adventure called homeschooling.  And, it’s been a journey every since.  We’ve taken some shortcuts and side roads along the way.  We’ve definitely made some mistakes. 

But, I have learned that Walt was definitely right – the minds of our kids are something really special, and something that we need to be molding, mentoring, and encouraging.

Just this past year, it finally hit me that it’s not “all about the books”.  My kids have gifts and talents that we need to be encouraging and instructing too.  So, we’ve added more extracurricular activities to our routines, and relaxed a bit about our schedule.

It is my prayer that I am training up kids who will use their minds and their talents to the best of their abilities.

Just think, these children that we are raising are the future!  They really are our greatest natural resource!

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Elyse Oslé Rinehart said...

Better late than never, and you post is worth the wait. I just started homeschooling last year and I feel like I will never figure it out. It is good to see it has only taken you 13 years to come to a conclusion many never figure out. Congrats!

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