Monday, September 17, 2012

My version of the Lighthouse Sandwich

The other day, I shared about our day at the Magic Kingdom earlier this month.  I mentioned eating lunch at Columbia Harbor House.  (You can see their menu here.)  Anyway, I’m allergic to seafood and chicken nuggets really wasn’t on my radar that day.  So, I decided to try something totally different and went with the Lighthouse Sandwich.  They describe it this way – “hummus with tomato and broccoli slaw on toasted multigrain bread”

Let me interject here and say that my addiction to the Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (especially the Aldi’s brand) scares me.  When I open a container of it, I literally cannot stop eating it.  I can’t even tell you WHY I like it so much – I just do. 

So, I figured a hummus sandwich might be right up my alley. And I was right!  I loved my lunch that day and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.  I mean, how hard could it be to recreate this little bit of yumminess?  So, for lunch today (and yesterday, truth be told), I did just that.  And you can too . . .


Just start out with these 4 ingredients (pictured above):

  • Your favorite bread (I bought this 100% Whole Wheat bread at Aldi’s, but feel free to use your favorite wheat or whole grain variety)
  • Hummus (also purchased at Aldi, but notice how this is the original flavor and NOT the roasted red pepper variety – confession: I ate the two containers of that already!)
  • Broccoli Slaw (ok, I only shopped at Aldi and Walmart – neither of which carry broccoli slaw – and I was desperate – so I used plain cole slaw this time)
  • Some variety of honey mustard dressing (mine is Ken’s because I had a coupon and because I love his dressings!)


Toast your bread.  When we first bought our house, my friend Ann bought us a toaster oven and I’ve been a die-hard ever since.  No toasters for this girl – no thank you.  Anyway, you use whatever type of toaster you prefer.  I won’t judge.


While your bread is toasting, combine some of your slaw with honey mustard.  There are no specific measurements here, just dump and stir.  If it’s too runny or not wet enough, add more ingredients to adjust to your liking.  (For the record, the cole slaw was just fine in the sandwich and cheaper than broccoli slaw.  Next time, I’ll splurge and broccoli slaw and see if I like the taste enough better for the difference in price.)


Spread hummus on both slices of your toast.  Honestly, I think it was only on one slice at Columbia Harbor House; but I think putting it on both sides helps hold the sandwich together better.  And don’t quote me on that – I only ate the sandwich there once, so I may be wrong.


Add your slaw mixture to the toast.  Just slap it on there.  It’s ok if it looks messy. 


Close up your sandwich, slice, and enjoy.  I chose to slice mine on the diagonal because that’s what they do at Columbia Harbor House.  But, you do what cut you like best – it’s up to you.  And it’ll taste the same no matter how you cut it.  Honest. 

Oh, and yes those are really cheap children’s plates from IKEA.  What can I say?!  And one more thing --- the original sandwich contains 2 slices of tomato.  If you like tomato, go for it. Personally, I hate tomato (unless it’s pizza or spaghetti sauce) so I chose to leave it off.

If you decide to try the Lighthouse Sandwich at home, please let me know what you think of it.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Alane Masters Abbett said...

That sounds so good. All the ingredients are yummy to me -- I love broccoli slaw. I'll definitely try this!

Wendy said...

That sounds so yummy! I wish I had the ingredients handy to make it for myself. I think I'll be making a trip to the grocery store later today!

Mikki said...

This is one of my very favorite sandwiches at Disney. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE. I've tried making it at home too. It tasted good but not the same. LOL.

Heidi Strawser said...

Nothing is ever the same, but it was certainly a close enough imitation for me. :) Next time, I'm trying the real broccoli slaw though - I think that'll be more up to par.

Beth Green said...

This looks really good and I've never even seen it at WDW before! I'm adding it to my "to do" list for my next trip AND I'm going to try it at home too!! :)

Beth Green said...

I made this sandwich this past weekend! I too couldn't find broccoli slaw so I used regular slaw. It was really good and will be added to my sandwich rotation! :) I still want to try the original sandwich at Colombia Harbor House! Thanks for sharing!

Heidi Strawser said...

I'm so glad that you tried it and liked it! I am going to get broccoli slaw and try it next time - I use it in other things so I know I can find it locally, just might have to hit up another store! Anyway, it would just have a milder flavor than the cabbage slaw has.

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