Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tiggerific Tuesday is back!

Magical Mouse Schoolhouse Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia

My friend Jodi over at Magical Mouse Schoolhouse has revamped her Tiggerific Tuesday Blog Hop. It’s still a place to link up your blog; but now it’s even better because it includes trivia!  Disney trivia, that is!  Each week, share a tidbit of Disney trivia on your blog – then go over to Magical Mouse Schoolhouse and link up.  It’s that simple – and even more fun! 

Did you know? Disney-MGM Studios’ Superstar Television, which closed September 26, 1998, allowed selected guests to participate in a few scenes from such popular TV shows as “I Love Lucy,” “Cheers,” and “Gilligan’s Island.” (from The Walt Disney World Trivia Book by Lou Mongello)

I knew this from experience as, when I visited Walt Disney World in 1990, my best friend was selected to play a “bombshell” in an episode of Cheers! If memory serves me right, this attraction was housed in the building that now showcases The American Idol Experience.


secret mom thoughts said...

That sounds super cool.

Jodi Whisenhunt said...

I did not know that! That's really cool, Heidi! Thanks for linking up!

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