Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Fantasyland

DD button - my blogLast week, I posted what will be the first quote in a series of Destination Disney topics.  Each week, we’ll talk about a famous Disney-related quote and share what it means to us – either in words, in pictures, or both.

Here is the quote that we’re focusing on this week:

quote 1

This sign is seen as you pass through the archway under the train station at the Magic Kingdom.  (I’m told that a similar sign welcomes those who enter Disneyland as well, though I have yet to experience it personally.)  I love this sign because it embodies all of what Walt Disney World is to me – and it’s so true, in a literal sense!  When I enter into any park at Walt Disney World, I am suddenly transported from this life full of stress, worries, and fears into a place where I’m young again, where there are no cares in the world, and where dreams come true! 

But, let’s break it down a little bit . . .

YESTERDAY – We see bits of a “wilder” yesterday in both Adventureland and Frontierland.  But, to me, the best “yesterdays” are in Liberty Square and walking down Main Street USA.  I love history and learning about early America and our founding fathers. I love the architecture of old (probably the reason I chose to purchase an older home in which to live).  So, these two parts of the park are favorites.  Walking down Main Street is idyllic – and I love the attention to detail in everything that you see.  (Have you ever noticed how the streetlights change from gas lanterns to electric as you stroll down the street?)

Florida 2011 796

And Liberty Square, with its roots in Colonial Williamsburg and Philadelphia – well, it’s enough to say that I just adore that!  Living in PA, it seems odd to say that I’ve only really been to the touristy parts of Philly once, but I get to Williamsburg as often as life and our budget will allow! 

MomPicturesDays&5 073

TOMORROW – Walt had a thing for the future, and that is portrayed in the part of the park known as Tomorrowland.  With the passage of time, some of the attractions in this area aren’t very futuristic anymore (such as my personal favorite – the Carousel of Progress), but they’re still lots of fun!

  Florida 2011 672

FANTASY – There is so much fantasy at the Magic Kingdom that it’s sometimes hard to tell the fantasy from reality – it all blends together. Smile  Meeting princesses and fairy godmothers and staring in awe at the castle that is the icon of the park – it’s all pretty special!

Florida 2010 111Florida 2010 112


All this is why I hate to leave.  It’s why I cry when we drive away.  It’s why I call this “my happy place”.  If you’ve been there, I’m sure you understand! 


V No Privacy said...

LOVE that first pic of main street. Gave me an unexpected Disney "zing" :)

Beth Green said...

great take on this quote! i love it!

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