Saturday, November 17, 2012

Children have got to be free . . .

Quote 10

This week’s quote is a tough one for me.  Why?  Because earlier this week, my oldest daughter turned 19.  She graduated from her homeschool this past spring, has her own car, and holds down 3 jobs.  She’s all grown up.  And sometimes, as a parent, it’s hard to realize that our kids are grown-ups.  Especially when they are still living at home. 

But, I’m going to take this quote and apply it to our Disney trips instead.  Notice the picture that I used with the quote this week.  That’s my baby boy – Ian.  He, too, is growing up much too quickly! 

On our past several trips to Walt Disney World, we’ve been taking advantage of Disney’s PhotoPass.  Honestly, it’s the only way that we ever end up with any decent family pictures.  But, you know what?  At first, I was kinda upset because Ian almost always acts like a goofball!  And our pictures, in my eyes, weren’t “perfect”. 

Then it hit me --- Ian was just being himself.  He’s a busy, sillly little boy who almost always makes us smile (or laugh!)  So why should he stand like a little soldier when the camera comes out?  We need to “embrace the Ian”.  Someday, he’ll probably calm down and act “normal” and we’ll miss these crazy days. 

So, when we’re at Disney, standing in front of a Photopass photographer, we just smile and ignore whatever it is that Ian is doing at the time.  Then, weeks later, when we receive our Photopass CD in the mail, we smile all over again – because we have allowed Ian to be himself – and the pictures are that much better! 

Here are a few from our trip this past January:







As you can see, he has a real flare for the theatrical.  He’s always got to have those hands up in the air, as if he is saying “Look at me!”  There was a time when this last picture would have really upset me – but now I look at it and smile because I know that, all too soon, these days will be behind us and Ian will be all grown up. 

So, let me encourage you today – embrace your inner-Ian.  I know we all have one; but, we’ve been forced to squelch it.  It’s ok to be silly sometimes. 



Susan Anadale said...

I have a whole family full of theatrical kids. ;0) Yup, there is that temptation to make them stand up straight for the "special" picture, but the pictures we end up treasuring the most are the ones that best capture them as they really are.

Beth Green said...

what a great reminder for all parents! We often have 2 photo sessions- one with the smiles and one with the goofball faces! :)

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