Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Fantasyland Grand Opening!

I’m a blessed girl!  Sure, I might not live in Florida – right near my favorite place on earth.  And, I might not have been invited to celebrate the Grand Opening of the New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World today. BUT, I have a friend who lives there and who was able to be a part of the opening festivities today.  And, he’s such a great friend, that he offered me the chance to share the experience right here on my blog!  Told you I was blessed!  (I don’t use the word “luck” because luck has nothing to do with it, but more on that story later.)

So, without further adieu, making it’s first-ever blog appearance (right here at Heidi’s Head), here is the Opening Ceremony video, as taped by my friend LanceAround.

And, because Lance is just that great, he also offered me some exclusive first peeks at his pictures from today as well.  Why?  Because he knows me well enough to know that, even though I couldn’t be there myself, I’m excited to share the fun with my readers and friends!  Check these out:

20121205_195425New Little Mermaid Ride



Mrs. LanceAround chats with the co-directors of The Little Mermaid. When asked about their current project they replied that they couldn't talk about it, except to say it's an animation that features singing and music and is about three years away.

Thanks, Lance!  You literally made my day when you called this afternoon!  I’m honored to be able to share this special day with you and all my friends at Walt Disney World. 

If you’re going to be in the Orlando area any time soon, I’d encourage you to check out Lance’s blog at Lance Around Orlando.  Not only does he share some of the fun happenings in the Orlando area, but I love that he often talks about the obscure, off-the-beaten-path type things to do (like local tea rooms, shops, and parks, etc.)

If you’re interested in renting a Dream Home for your Orlando visit, please  click on the link in my sidebar!

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