Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The boy's got rotten teeth!

 When I brush Ian's teeth (which is a real challenge, as he totally hates it), I can see cavities on her lower molars.  This really concerns me, as Gracie had A LOT of problems with her teeth when she was younger and ended up having to have MAJOR dental surgery when she was 4 years old (she had 15 cavities, one tooth which turned out to be absessed and had to be taken out completely).  Anyway, since the surgery, she hasn't had any problems ~ "no cavities" every six months~ praise the Lord.
Anyway, the  girls had their dental appointments this morning and I asked the dentist to take a peek in Ian's mouth.  He said he can clearly see 3 cavities and suspects that there may be more.  He attributed it to hygeine and diet;  however, his partner had told me that Gracie's problems were most likely a result of no prenatal care in Vietnam and early diet there.  I would like to think that these are the contributing factors to Ian's problems also.  (On our last visit to Vietnam, both my mom and I were amazed to look around and realize how many Vietnamese people have rotten teeth~ so it could  very well be genetic also, I suppose). 
What do you do for a 2 year old with cavities?  One option is to wait it out until he's a bit older.  But, the problem is that Ian is coming to me on occasion, holding his cheek, and saying "teeth".  This, to me, indicates that he's having pain.  Second option~ dental surgery!  Ugh!  My baby!  They would put him to sleep, do the x-rays, fix all the problems, and do a thorough cleaning and flouride treatment.  The cost is horrendous, and we don't have dental coverage. 
Anyway, surgery will probably be scheduled for September sometime.  Please pray for Ian that he doesn't experience much pain until that time; and for me, not to worry about him and entrust him to God's care.

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