Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ashley's New Room

No more talk about our attic, because we no longer have one!    I'm smiling now, but when we try to find a home for all the stuff that's  been taking up residence in all of our bedrooms during the remodel, I'm sure I'll be looking more like this or this

The carpenters left yesterday afternoon, at around 2.  Ashley was  thrilled to go up and inspect things.  Here are some before-we-move-in pictures:

the light in the hallway

the ceiling light

and the lights on the walls of the "alcove" (dormer area)

the electric heater, sans the switch

(it was faulty and needs to be replaced)

and, of all things, Ashley's very own smoke alarm!

(exciting stuff, people - work with us!)

Ashley and I are very determined girls, let me tell you.  I promised her that we would, at the  very least, get her bed moved into the room so that she could sleep up there last night.  Let me just tell you that those bunkbeds have been a thorn in my side since the day they arrived!  They were a necessity, but I also wanted them to look good and be sturdy.  Let me just tell you, they were  both of those things - but they were also VERY heavy and next-to-impossible to make up!  Taking them apart proved to be almost as stressful!  Ashley and I did manage to separate the two, but we waited for Brian to disassemble them.  I should have been taking pictures of the project, but I never think to in the midst of things like that.

That's actually an old quilt of Gracie's.  Ashley dreams of brown and blue bedding - so we need to start looking for that.  The bed just fits in this space perfectly, and looks like it was made for there. 

Before Brian got home (and after we had separated the bunks), we started moving some of her smaller things into the room:

her guitar

my guitar (hiding in the storage space) -

she actually plays hers more so she swapped her case for my stand

her stereo

(on an old wooden chest that we bought at our neighbor's sale years ago)

and her cd's

The dresser is probably a story for another time!  But, I'll tell it now (just not with a picture)...

I was so afraid that the dresser wouldn't make it up the stairs.  The dressers we bought for the  girls are HUGE.  They are more like wardrobes (that could double as entertainment centers).  I told Brian we could save that project for another day, but he was determined.  Looking back on the whole thing, I cannot even  believe that he, Ashley, and I got it up there; but we did!  (I only have one smashed thumb knuckle to prove it too!)  Seriously, it's a miracle there weren't more injuries or damages (two places on the steps that need some sanding and a ding in the brand new trim is all - but we need to make it "real", I guess). 

I'm sure Ashley will be sharing more pictures on her  blog.  She's got many more posters up there!  But, alas, she's still in bed - enjoying her new space.  And today's project will be trying to get Gracie's room into some sort of order (you should see it now - I'm ashamed to take before shots ).

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