Monday, March 16, 2009

Treasuring God in Our Traditions by Noel Piper

God is the treasure of our lives. He is part of everything we do, think, act, and say—literally, he is a part of us. This precious heirloom of Christ himself must be passed on to future generations. But how?
Treasuring God in Our Traditions presents the importance of passing along Christ-centered traditions and a Bible-saturated legacy in Christ to future generations. Noël Piper helps her readers recognize how the “everyday” routines of life and the “especially” celebrations of holidays and dates can be practically passed down to future generations. When parents and grandparents seek to pass along the treasure of God to their children and grandchildren, they will develop and deepen their love for him.
When family traditions are rooted in the Bible, the next generations will see that the greatest treasure that anyone can have is the treasure of God.

I love traditions!  We have a lot of them around here.  Sometimes I think it's because I'm just set in my ways and don't often welcome change; but, after reading this book, I realized that the traditions that we have are either ones that I brought to my family from the family I grew up in, or new ones that we've created as a way to make our family life more special.  Traditions are good!

In simple terms and with lots of real-life examples, Mrs. Piper shares ways to add many spiritual, God-honoring traditions to our families.  I felt convicted, while reading, that we aren't doing enough in this area, and will certainly be working toward incorporating some of her ideas into our daily traditions.

I would highly recommend this great little book from Crossway.  Not only will you enjoy the book itself, but the little sidebar pieces with Scripture verses and short tidbits of John Piper's writings are a fun addition as well.

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