Thursday, April 23, 2009

DD ~ EPCOT ~ China

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Eggroll, anyone?  They're awfully yummy here at the CHINA pavilion at EPCOT!  I don't usually sample food in all the countries (I know several others who do, though), but I do like to grab an eggroll when we're strolling through China.

When traveling around "the world", China is the 3rd country you come to, when walking in a clockwise direction.  There's just something about China that seems extremely serene - peaceful - quiet.  You just want to sit down somewhere and soak it all in. 

I love my Birnbaum Guide (2009 edition), and found some interesting facts in there that I thought would be fun to share:

  • The Chinese characters on the banners that "welcome" you to the China pavilion translate to "May good fortune follow you on your path through life" and "May virtue be your neighbor".
  • The gardens are full of rosebushes that are native to China.  The mulberry tree (to the left of the main walkway into the pavilion) is over 100 years old!
  • The number of stones in the floor of the pavilion's main structure is not random - the center stone is surrounded by nine stones  because nine is considered a lucky number in China.  Around the endge of the outer room rise 12 columns - 12 is the number of months in the year and the number of years in a full cycle of the Chinese calendar.

We had some big crowds when we were at EPCOT this past January (much busier than I expected), so we really didn't  get as many pictures as a would have liked.

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