Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I used to be very leary of anything that promised it could teach your baby or toddler to do something. I remember when my youngest brother was in college - around the same time we were waiting for Gracie - he would tell us how we needed to play classical music all the time and label everything in our house. Just by doing these things, she'd not only be a genius (from the music) but she'd learn how to read before she was a year old! Seriously!

I do know, though, that children have brains much like sponges - they just absorb EVERYTHING. I remember buying the Baby Einstein Sign Language DVD for Ian and, within a few short days, he was able to communicate with us via sign (long before he could verbalize anything). He talked earlier than both of the girls, and I believe that signing background may have helped with that.

So, when the opportunity to review a dvd that promised to "teach your baby to read music" (for ages 1-4) presented itself, I thought "why not?!" Ian LOVES music - he sings all the time (he was singing before he was talking too), so I thought he might really enjoy this program.

Trebellina introduces little ones to various instruments, as well as teaching pitch and notes. The website says:
Music is a language. Like all languages, the earlier it is introduced, the better. Just as you begin to teach your baby to speak your native language starting at birth, you can teach your baby music!

And I have to agree! Much in the same manner that Ian learned sign, he has been picking up on the information being taught on this dvd as well. The combination of familiar music, fun toys, and small children are enough to hold any child's interest. While the rest of us viewed this dvd as boring and redundant, Ian was (and is) mesmerized by it. He calls it the "plano moomie" (translation: piano movie) and asks for it over and over again.

Sure, your child isn't going to watch this movie once and go play a classical piece on the piano from memory. But, a nice music introduction in there and one that will serve as a great starting point for further musical instruction.

You can read more about Trebellina here. While visiting the website, be sure to click on Fun Stuff. I love freebies and these coloring pages, posters, and dot-to-dot (or, should I say "note-to-note") pages will be a hit with your little ones!

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