Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"well, I was throwing a fit and ..."

Let me preface this post by saying that my Gracie is one of those most passive kids I've ever known.  I can't even imagine ever saying that Gracie "threw a fit".  Pout, yes; get angry or have hurt feelings, yes; throw a fit, not likely! 

And another thing ... Gracie doesn't have a very high tolerance for pain and she cannot stand the sight of blood.  Up until yesterday, she has "lost" 5 teeth (I put that in quotes because, after seeing them dangle by a thread for months - literally - I've helped them all out!) 

Now, on to the story ...
Gracie's permanent teeth grow in behind her baby teeth.  So far, they've all done this.  Her 4th permanent tooth on the bottom started coming in about a year ago.  In June, the dentist said that there was no sense to pull the baby tooth (which wasn't even loose) because there wasn't room for the permanent tooth to move forward anyway, and that we should hope and pray that her lower jaw grows some over the next 6 months.  In December, the baby tooth was still hanging on for dear life and another dentist (we go to a pediatric practice) said that he would suggest "helping" it out).  The estimate for that "help" was $109 and I knew Gracie would hit the roof when they got in there to do the work - so, on the way home, I told her to get busy wiggling that thing!  (Not only would it save her great stress, but it would save me $)

Here we are in May!  I know there's another dentist appointment in our near future and Gracie not only had that tooth to get out, but 2 on top that are also loose (one of which does NOT yet have a visible permanent tooth behind it!)  Last night, we were visiting with my parents, who are taking Gracie along to the beach with them this weekend.  I just mentioned that it would be nice if Gracie could wiggle those teeth out before her trip.  My mom checked them and said they didn't seem quite ready.

About an hour later ... Gracie stood up from the couch, holding her mouth, and calmly said "Mom, I knocked my tooth loose.  Hurry up and get it out of there!"  I could see blood, so I knew it was loose, but I looked at my mom (the nurse in the family) and said "You said it wasn't ready!"  Mom grabbed a tissue and, with a little tug, the tooth came right out! 

Once the bleeding had stopped, I looked at Gracie and said "Now, how did that happen?"
She started to explain - "Well, I was throwing a fit and ..."
We all started laughing because (as stated above) throwing a fit is so out of character for Gracie.
Apparently, she was sick of everyone picking on her about those teeth.  Ashley walked over to her and Gracie was gearing up to kick her (sisterly love, you know?)  When she pulled her leg back, she was sitting in such a position that her knee made contact with her mouth (don't try that at home unless you're really limber!) and Voila!  The tooth is gone!

We asked if she might "recreate the scene of the crime" and try knocking those other two teeth out of there, but she wasn't willing.  Wonder why?

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